Sunday, April 4, 2010

JuicePLUS Athletes

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by Morley Evans

Hundreds of other nutritional products claim they will improve your health:
Why would you take JuicePlus?

1. JuicePlus is part of my own nutritional foundation which is responsible for my own amazing health recovery.
2. Medical doctors support JuicePlus and say it is leading the quiet revolution in medicine.
3. NSF® has certified JuicePlus because it contains what NSA claims and it does not contain anything harmful.
4. The German, Austrian, and Swiss Olympic teams all eat JuicePlus as does the French Ski Team.
5. Medical centres around the world have conducted and are conducting gold standard double-blind placebo-controlled studies supporting JuicePlus
6. Unpaid world class athletes like Paula Radcliffe, John Kucera, Ana Ivanović, and Andreas Thorkildsen take JuicePlus.

ACTIVE PEOPLE NEED JuicePlus. INACTIVE PEOPLE NEED JuicePlus. Make the right choice and become my JuicePlus customer, Today!

- Morley Evans
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