Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rehtaeh Parsons

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by Morley Evans

Rehtaeh Parsons
Rehtaeh Parsons was a pretty young girl who lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a province of Canada. Rehtaeh was killed, but in Canada such victims as her are responsible for their own misfortune. 

"You are to blame," she was told. "Shame on you, you slut."

When she was 15, Rehtaeh Parsons went with a friend to another friend's home. There a gang of boys got her drunk and raped her after her friend had left, apparently. One of the boys photographed the assault and posted the pictures online for the entertainment of everyone in the community.

The RCMP, proudly sends officers all over the world to train police departments.  They investigated this straightforward criminal assault for a year. There is lots of evidence and there are witnesses including the participants but the Mounties couldn't find enough evidence to press charges for rape. Meanwhile, Rehtaeh Parsons was subjected to endless humiliation at school. She was forced to feel ashamed. Rehtaeh finally hanged herself in the bathroom of her home. She was 17 when she died.

The Mounties are better at polishing their boots and brushing their Stetson hats than solving crimes. They are pretty good at marching and running speed traps where I live. They don't ride horses anymore.

Here's a possibility someone should consider: Poor Rehtaeh Parsons was deliberately done in by someone who wanted to kill her. It could have been the friend who enticed her to the party at another friend's house. It could have been the friend with the house. It could have been one of the boys. Maybe Rehtaeh rejected one of the boys. Maybe one of the girls was jealous of Rehtaeh. What happened may not have been some adolescent high jinks that got out of hand as one might think at first glance. Someone does know what happened, but the truth will never come out.

I think what happened to Rehtaeh is a symptom of a sickness in Canada that Canadian smugness covers up. Canadians are fond of comparing themselves favourably to Americans. Here's something Canadians should think about. Americans are taught that they are good, even if they may not be. Americans have been subjected to skillful brainwashing for over two hundred years. Yet, somehow, Canadian brainwashing is even more effective than American brainwashing. Despite incessant brainwashing, quite a few Americans can think and see things when they are wrong. Libraries a full of books these Americans have written. Some of them are in the Library of Congress. Americans start organizations to bring about reform and right wrongs. Canadians don't do those things. Canadians see no need to do them. For Rehtaeh whose heart was broken before she was killed, I say this:

Canada is a "failed state" with corrupt, incompetent institutions and lazy stupid officials who run everything. This explains how the RCMP could not find enough evidence to press charges after a year of "investigation" and why confused bureaucrats and elected officials can sweep Rehtaeh under the carpet with all the other victims of crime in Canada. The correct charge is rape, not "bullying" or "child pornography," stupid. Shame on you, Canada. Shame on you Canadians who failed to protect a defenseless girl who needed you. Shame.

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