Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Whack a Mole

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by Morley Evans

Dear Robert,

Doctors here are not "the best" but people here in Tommy Douglas Land believe they are. 

A friend learned this morning that his building designer had an accident while bicycling with a group in Hawaii last week. He applied the brake to avoid running into the bike in front of him. He told my friend this morning that he fell and broke both hips, a shoulder and other bones. Saskatchewan medicare rescued him by sending air ambulance to Hawaii. He is now recovering in the Pasqua Hospital. They have good hospitals in Hawaii, lots of them.

When I observed that the Pasqua Hospital is the last place in the world where I would go if injured, he flew off the handle, as always. People will defend whatever circumstance they have found that sustains them. "I'm okay, so let's not rock the boat." People will support things that are bad when they fear punishment but more importantly, they will defend things that are bad when they have been rewarded. It doesn't take much to buy them off. 

A soldier will kill and destroy — putting his soul in jeopardy — for the approval of his buddies and for a bauble pinned on his chest. He will feel great even when his legs have been blown off if he is called a hero. Slaves will help capture other slaves who have escaped. People in Regina play "Whack a Mole" to make sure everyone is dragged down to the level they are at. 

The Grant Devine Tories decided the best political strategy was to pour money onto Medicare because everyone in Tommyland loves Medicare. (The people who don't love it here, move away if they can. Saskatchewan's biggest export since 1930 has been people.) "Look what happened to Ross Thatcher," the Tories used to say. The current Tory clowns are the same. They are making "historic investments" in Medicare. It doesn't matter if Medicare needs fixing. Denying the truth and pouring money down the rathole keeps the rats happy and the Tories in power. They stole the Medicare issue from Tommy's successors which solved the Tories political problem but not the health care problem, which we don't have according to everybody here.

Why would anyone suffer such injuries falling off a bicycle? Were they going down a mountain at 90 miles an hour? Did he have a problem with his bones?

- Morley

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