Monday, July 14, 2014

The Middle East Conflict

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 by Morley Evans


Since 1948, we have been told endlessly that the poor defenseless little Jews who live in poor defenseless little Israel face an existential threat from the hundreds of millions of Arabs who surround them and wish to finish what the Nazis started in WW II. This message — or something about the Holocaust or anti-Semitism — has been part of every newscast everyday for over sixty years. It may be illegal to think anything else. If you are stupid, and you are stupid, that's why. You have an excuse.

The Palestinians, on the other hand, know the truth. They know that "Israel" in not poor or defenseless. They know that "Israel" is the Zionist State. They know that the Zionist State has an extremely aggressive military which dates back to the 19th century when Zionists began setting up colonies in Palestine. Palestinians know their country has been stolen over the years by the Zionists.

Palestinians know that the Zionist State has one of the most well-equipped military operations in the world. Palestinians know that the Zionist State has an army, navy, airforce, nuclear weapons, intelligence services and is backed by the United States which has "the most powerful military the world has ever known." Palestinians know that the Zionist State is a project of Zionists who control the money and the psychological warfare apparatus of Washington's empire.

Palestinians know that they have nothing and have never had anything. Palestinians know they have no army, no navy, no airforce, no intelligence services, and no money. Palestinians who are besieged in Gaza know they have been besieged since Ariel Sharon evacuated the illegal Israeli settlements in Gaza and sealed the border to "put the Palestinians in Gaza on a diet."

Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank know they are trapped and are slowly starving to death. Palestinians know the Israelis regularly conduct raids inside Gaza, drop bombs on them, and use snipers to shoot Palestinian children. "Israel" patrols the skies over Gaza with armed drones and F-16s. "Israel" patrols the coast of Gaza with navy gunboats that machine gun people who dare to go to the beach. They have nice beaches but sunbathing is dangerous in Gaza.

Palestinians know that Egypt has been controlled by Washington since Nasser was defeated and replaced with Anwar Sadat. Palestinians know that Arafat and Rabin were both murdered by the Zionist State. Palestinians know that Jordan and Saudi Arabia are allies of Washington and do not support the people of Palestine.

Most of all, Palestinians know that Zionism is a racist paranoiac ideology (which is hostile to all religions, including Islam, Christianity and Judaism) that exists to provide a defense from anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is the foundation — the raison d'être — of Zionism. Palestinians know that the Zionist State needs excuses it can use to attack people and control Jews.

So why would Palestinians in Gaza "attack" the Zionist State with ineffectual home-made rockets which do little damage and kill no one?

These rocket attacks do nothing but terrorize Israeli people and provide the Zionist State with the excuse it needs to perpetuate the "Middle East Conflict" and continue "Israel's" campaign to exterminate those Palestinians who own what is left of Palestine (which isn't much). Race-hate and genocide are the handmaidens of Zionism.

No one is that stupid. Perhaps they want to make the Zionist State look bad. If so, that strategy is succeeding nicely. The Israelis look like the Nazis that Zionists claim to loath. (So why do Zionists act like Nazis? Are they really different?)

Some Palestinians will fight when attacked but most who are killed by Israelis are defenseless women, children and old folks. Hamas, was created by "Israel" as a counterforce to Fatah which "Israel" penetrated and corrupted decades ago. Hamas was branded a terrorist organization when "Israel" was unable to control or corrupt it. In Lebanon, Hezbollah has successfully resisted the supposedly invincible Israel Defence Force which is most successful when fighting defenseless women and children with tanks, bulldozers and supersonic bombers supplied and supported by Washington and the "most powerful military the world has ever known."

Do you get your news from the respectable mainstream media? You don't know any of this, do you? How stupid are you?

Why? You have choices. Get busy!

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