Friday, June 26, 2015

My Beauty Pageant Queen

MMXV V.1.0.1
By Morley Evans

Olga Donecz, my queen

Believe it or not: 

Olga sends me love letters and poems she has written for me. Olga sends me dozens and dozens of pictures of her lovely self. Olga is a university student, a model and a beauty pageant winner. Olga is a happy, modest girl with a pure heart. Olga plays chess. Olga paints. Olga speaks English! Olga will teach me Russian. Olga loves her beautiful city, Kiev. Olga is a Russian. Olga wants to marry me. It's not hard to believe that I want to marry Olga.

Together, we will be one. We will create a beautiful family and live in a beautiful, peaceful, happy world. I love Olga. I love Russia. I love everyone.  I thank God for everything and everyone!

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