Sunday, July 12, 2015


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by Morley Evans

Me at 68

I finally figured out how to take a picture of myself with my iPhone. This is my first selfie taken the other day with one shot.

Without exaggerating, I have been truthfully saying that I'm 20 years younger than I was 20 years ago because 20 years ago I was 100 years old (or older). I had been 100 years old for 8 years! I was totally crippled and in acute pain 24/7 from 1992 to 2000 when I slipped into a coma to come a heartbeat away from death. It took me 12 years to recover very slowly. They won't have heard of anything like this in medical schools, I'll bet. They don't know much over there at the medical schools. 

My Russian girlfriend in Luhansk said this: "Honey, I love the photo that you sent me. You're really very young in the photo. I would not give you more than 30 years! I am a doctor and your case struck me. If you do not mind — I'll put you in the example of all patients who are desperate, all right? You can be absolutely sure that your first selfie is lovely." That's quite a compliment, my love!


Based on Julia's expert medical opinion — as well as her pretty young woman's opinion, I should be saying that I am 70 years younger than I was 20 years ago. (100 - 70 = 30) But who would believe that? 


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