Tuesday, October 6, 2015


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by Morley Evans

I don’t know who you might vote for in the upcoming Canadian federal election. Frankly, I don't care:

The NDP want to fight Global Warming. The Liberals want to resurrect Pierre Trudeau. Elizabeth May is an idiot. And Stephen Harper supports terrorism: 

Harper supports Booboo Netanyahu who is a terrorist and a mass murderer. Harper's first love is the State of "Israel" and he has vowed to defend "Israel" to the last Canadian. Harper is a lapdog of Washington which is the world leader of terrorism. Harper sells weapons to Saudi Arabia which gives them to ISIS also known as ISIL and now IS. Harper turned Canadian Peace keepers into American War makers. Harper supports the neo-Nazis in Kiev who took power in a coup de tat that was engineered by the CIA: They bomb and kill ethnic Russian Ukrainians to provoke war with Russia. Harper supports war and death. Harper believes Armageddon would be a good thing! Harper is a psychopath like the people who own him and tell him what to do.

Only Gilles Duceppe has mentioned some of these things. Duceppe was ridiculed by the morons who are Canada's media loudmouths. I’d vote for the BLOC Québécois if I they had a candidate here.

In addition and most importantly, Canada gets a ZERO on the report card of all of its major institutions: Canada is a failed state. Canadian Smugness is Canada's greatest achievement.

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