Monday, January 25, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Dear Mack,

I didn’t know until this morning that you have been treated for cancer. I wondered why we have been saying prayers for you every Sunday. Now I know. I asked Bert if I could be added to the prayer list as I am hoping for a good outcome for my eyes. I am not on the list because I dare to criticize doctors. How dare I do that? Here’s why I dare:

So-called conventional cancer treatment uses, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, known as cut, burn, and poison. I recommend looking at alternative treatment. I would look at Max Gerson to start. It doesn’t cost anything to look. Education only puts ignorance at risk. The Web is a goldmine of useful and accurate information. Some is bad, of course. Think. Use Google.

I won’t belabor the point and make myself even more unpopular than I am already. But I will say this: radiation does shrink tumors. AND 

Radiation causes cancer. Poison is poison. 

Doctors don’t seem to understand this. Why not?

Can doctors defy the laws of biology, chemistry and physics, like magicians and gods? Doctors don’t even read the information that their pharmaceutical masters attach to the drugs that doctors prescribe. Doctors are trained — like fido is trained — by the pharmaceutical industry. They shill. Doctors are part of the pharmaceutical sales system. Their real job is to make money for the pharmaceutical companies. Patients are an income opportunity in the system where doctors come first and patients come dead last after all the others in the system from nurses to janitors have milked it for what they can get.

Dentists on the other hand are very very careful with radiation — dentists are not at all careful with mercury upon which the entire dental industry has been built.

God Bless, Mack. I’ll pray for you.

- Morley

NOTE: Everyone takes for granted the premise that "Life Saving Medicine" actually saves lives. Does it? I can say without question that with only three exceptions in 68 years (Dr. Cowan, Dr. MacKenzie and Dr. Garcia), I would have been better off had I never seen a doctor. Almost all of the medical care I received was harmful. Good medical care repaired harm done by doctors. This is very bad news for pharmaceutical medicine and the mountebanks who shill for it. Millions around the world have experienced what I have experienced. Dentistry is a similar story. I'll deal with dentists separately. Medicine in the Third World does seem to be different. Doctors there are motivated by compassion. Most people in the Third World are poor. They are served by humanitarians like Dr. Albert Schweitzer. Acute injuries are treated rather than chronic illnesses. Life may be safer in the Third World where starvation, lions and tigers are the greatest threat to one's life — just as it has been for millennia! The State is our greatest peril here.

Medicine should be split into acute injury which treats victims of trauma from animal attacks, automobile crashes and war, and chronic illness which treats such things as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Medicine is very successful treating the first and very unsuccessful when treating the second. All of the patients who go to their family doctor are suffering from the second class of illness.


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