Sunday, August 14, 2016


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by Morley Evans

and Americans are the Masters of Propaganda

EVEN BEFORE Donald Trump announced he would be campaigning to become the Republican Party Presidential Nominee, Trump had been under attack by every organ of the "mainstream media." Trump has been lampooned as a fool, a liar, an incompetent, a narcissist, a misogynist, and a racist. Trump has received billions of dollars of free publicity, his critics claim. All of Trump's publicity has been bad. Somehow Trump defeated his rivals and the Republican Party establishment who don't want him either.

Meanwhile Trump's opponent — Hillary Clinton — has largely been overlooked by the mainstream media which could have said about Mrs. Clinton all of the things it has said about Donald Trump — and much much more. Hillary has killed and displaced millions of people, she and her husband — the former President of the United States, Slick Willy Clinton (who was impeached by a "vast right-wing conspiracy," according to Hillary) — have destroyed and looted entire countries. They are personally implicated in several cases of first degree murder. To find out about Hillary Clinton and her record, one must go to the counter culture, especially to the real Democratic Party supporters. 

Who are they? Some are the people who supported Bernie Sanders. But most people don't go to the counter-culture media. Most have their brains washed nightly by the mainstream media. They believe what they are told. They are told that Donald Trump would put the world at risk were he to become the President of the United States. That leaves Hillary Clinton — unexamined — as the default candidate. Hillary has experience she tells us with her smarmy smile. She does. Hillary has years of experience.

This strategy worked to defeat Barry Goldwater in 1964. The famous TV ad above did the trick. Americans elected Lyndon Baines Johnson who gave them the War in Vietnam and the Six Day War, while Johnson massively advanced Zionism's take-over of Washington, paving the road to the blood bath in the Middle East today. LBJ introduced "Civil Rights" in his own ham-fisted way ensuring enduring discord and race-hatred throughout the United States. Oh, let's not forget that LBJ organized the murder of JFK and managed the biggest cover-up in U.S. history to get to his first term as POTUS. The Democratic Party ran away from Johnson's memory for over fifty years shifting blame onto tricky Dick Nixon.

Propaganda works because if a lie is told over and over long enough, most people will believe it. Don't be fooled again: the United States of America — like every other country — is run for the benefit of the 1% who own everything. Owners compete within their class for control. Everyone else works for the owners. Politicians do what their owners want them to do. 

American duhmockricy is a sham. Elections are rigged. Politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton, who claim to represent the 99%, are lying — while filling their pockets with everything they can steal. The Clintons work for Wall Street and the banks too big to fail like Goldman Sachs. Donald Trump may be the best friend the 99% will ever get. That's the truth.

The Republican Party at least has always said it represents the interests of the owners. The Democratic Party has never been as honest. When JFK and RFK started acting like real Democrats, they were killed. Trump should be careful. He sometimes makes sense.


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