Wednesday, December 7, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Aren't ya glad they lost? I am! There is even a local connection right here in Regina, Canada, to the Clintons in Arkansas when Bill was Attorney General and then Governor. This case involves the blood bank and the Canadian Tainted Blood Scandal. Blood is the common denominator. I'll expose it later. Here's more:

As I have looked into cases over the years that have been dismissed, I have found that they are all true. My own cases are true. They were all dismissed. Evidence doesn't matter. The assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK are good places where you can start opening your own eyes. Read all the "conspiracy theory" books. The authors, who know they won't be believed, are very careful to compile mountains of evidence. The Official Story is usually false. It is created by society's leading citizens whose primary concerns are 1). protecting the system and themselves as well as 2). advancing their own positions in the rookery. The truth is usually not a big concern for society's leading citizens. Occasionally it is. Don't count on it.

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