Monday, January 9, 2017


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by Morley Evans

THE END is coming. Soon . . .

WILL IT BE THE END OF THE WORLD predicted in the Bible? No, although it will seem like that to many. 

Most British aristocrats saw The End with WW I in 1918. Some had to wait until 1955, a decade after WW II. Germany was destroyed in both world wars. Japan was destroyed by WW II. Most of the Russian aristocracy saw The End with the Russian Revolution in 1917. Most of the French aristocracy saw The End with the French Revolution in 1799. Those unfortunate people at the bottom of the social heap were as bad off after these calamities as they had been before. The people who took over each time cared nothing for those on the bottom — although they claimed to be their saviors in order to wrench power away from those who had it.

The End that is coming is part of the history that encompasses all of these disasters. It begins with the very first world war known as the Seven Years War in 1763 and includes the American Revolution that began in 1776. The bizarre U.S. Presidential election that ended in November illustrates the panic of those who see The End coming and have desperately tried to avoid what is going to happen to them. Who are they? They are the American aristocrats who tried so hard to elect Hillary Clinton — basically, everyone in the American establishment supported Hillary: Big money, Big business, Big military, Big war contractors, Big media, Big publishing, Big pharma. Though he is richer than most of us, Donald J. Trump is a junior billionnaire. Trump's opponents have Big money. They are the Deep State and they are much bigger and more dangerous than they were when Eisenhower warned everyone about them in 1960.

Below is an essay that outlines the last stages of what has been happening for centuries:

End of the US Empire: Russian Warships Just Arrived in the Philippines

By Darius Shahtahmasebi

January 06, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - "ANTIMEDIA" - Notable American foreign policy critic and linguist, Professor Noam Chomsky, has stated numerous times that the United States’ power has steadily been declining since the end of World War II. As Chomsky notes, in 1945, the United States had “literally half the world’s wealth, incredible security, controlled the entire Western Hemisphere, both oceans, [and] the opposite sides of both oceans.”

In that context – and in the context of the United States waging war in multiple countries across the globe with the most advanced military technology in the world – it is hard to understand how this has happened. But Chomsky is not wrong.


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