Tuesday, March 14, 2017


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by Morley Evans

Bill wondered if I thought we should fight Islamic terrorists with a Muslim Ban. Here's what I think.

Hi Bill,

The Syrians have done very well against the terrorists with Russian help. 

President Trump has expressed his desire to stop immigration from countries which may harbour individuals who wish to harm Americans. Of course, that makes sense. Which countries are they? They are the countries that have been harmed by American military aggression and subversion such as Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Tunisia, and of course, Syria. Despite what the anti-Trump campaign claims, this is not a “Muslim Ban”. Those people are great at coining catchy phrases. Alec Baldwin is funny when he impersonates President Trump on the TV show "Saturday Night Live". 

Trump wants safe areas for refugees inside their own countries instead of inside the United States. Sure. In Syria, those safe zones have always been provided by the Syrian Army. The "safe zones” that the United States has been providing were safe zones that protected the terrorists. East Aleppo was the prime safe haven for ISIS, protected for years by the United States! Secretary of State, John Kerry, shed tears when East Allepo was liberated and the hostages were rescued from their captors. The mainstream "news" reported the reverse. The United States should support the Syrian Army if it wants to protect Syrians. Since "regime change" and the destruction of Syria is what Washington wants, it cannot do that.

Washington plays a game pretending that one hand doesn’t know what its other hand is doing. So we have the ridiculous situation of Trump sending the Marines to fight ISIS while the CIA supports ISIS. Drone attacks on Yemen have supported the Saudis. Saddam, Gaddafi, and Hafez Assad controlled Islamic terrorists very well. After the U.S. military destroyed Iraq, Uncle Sam decided to get rid of Gaddafi and Bashar Assad using Islamic terrorists posing as "rebels" fighting unjust regimes. In fact, the "rebels" are invaders. They aren't even Syrians. Fighting terrorism begins at home with the Congress, the Pentagon, the CIA, and the rest of the American garrison state as well as the brainwashed American population.

Who are the Saudis? Before oil development took off in 1950, they were nothing. Zero. They were not part of the Ottoman Empire because there was nothing in Arabia but sand. The Mesopotamians were civilised (the Levant and Iraq). They looked down on the primitive camel jockeys of Arabia. Iran (Persia) which was never part of the Ottoman Empire is one of the oldest civilisations on earth. The Saudis and the Gulf Emirs are exactly like the Beverly Hillbillies. Too bad they aren’t as funny (or as wise) as Uncle Jed and Granny. Israel is nothing more than a huge American military base with delusions of grandeur. The Pentagon loves those psychos. They have chosen to exterminate the Palestinians.

That, my Zionist friends, is genocide! Your favourite game.

The Empire on the Potomac is the source of the world’s problems and it has been so since 1776. After a few weeks, it is clear that the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, does not and cannot control the Frankenstein monster. A concerted effort is underway to overthrow the election by making it impossible for Trump to govern. Peace begins at home. If the bully in the sandbox won’t play nicely with the other children, he must have his toys taken away and be sent to his room without supper. Who will take away Washington's toys? 

When the dollar goes caput, the jig is up. April 21st may be the day the collapse begins. I hope and pray!


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