Wednesday, May 24, 2017


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by Morley Evans

What is Wahhabi, you might wonder? Riaz, my guest today is a Muslim from Pakistan. - ed

Wahhabi service in Saudi Arabia


THE WAHHABI INTERPRETATION of Islam originated in Saudi Arabia in the 18th century (the 1700s). Wahabi features very strict and literal interpretations of the holy texts. Wahabism mixed with the Saudi Dynasty through the marriage of one of the direct ancestors of the present King with the daughter of the scholar Abdul Wahab. Wahhabism is very intolerant of anything but Wahhabi interpretations of Islam. 

According to Wahhabi teachings, adherents of Shia Islam are heretics who, therefore, need killing. Anyone who does not accept Wahhabi teachings should be killed as an apostate too. And this is what they did to the Rashidi dynasty in Saudi Arabia. They do not allow any Sunni school of thought in the kingdom except Wahabi Sunni Sect. 

There are some Shia in the Eastern provinces and Ismailis in the southern province of Najran, but only Wahabi Sunni exists in the rest of the kingdom. Other Sunnis were all killed or forced to accept the Wahabi Sunni version of Islam. 

Bahrain is the only Persian Gulf state, outside Iran, that has a Shia Muslim majority. Others with significant Shia populations include Iraq, and Lebanon at about 55% and 40% each. In Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India with a combined Muslim pop of about 500 Million, about 12% to 15 % are Shia the rest Sunni. Somewhat less proportion of Shia exists in other Muslim countries.

All the current Muslim terrorist outfits follow Wahhabi doctrines. 


ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh on the March

Syrian ethnic composition (© Washington Post)

The Saudi Kingdom exports its version of Islam to other parts of the Middle East and now to the world. Saudi oil fortunes fund terrorists and supply them with weapons. The terrorists are a CIA secret army. This is a secret mostly to Americans. Everyone else knows about it. Canadians don't, of course. Terrorists are trained and protected by Americans and by Israelis who benefit from chaos in the Middle East and the destruction of regimes that impinge the Zionist agenda. 

Zionists hope their program will lead to world domination and the subjugation of humanity under the thumb of the Master Race. Palestinians are a warm-up. Muslims kill Muslims and Christians and Buddhists and anyone they hate. They hate everyone — except Israelis. Lucifer's dream is coming true. - ed


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