Tuesday, August 22, 2017


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by Morley Evans

HOW LONG CAN THIS GO ON? The U.S. dollar is now a psychological phenomenon only. It has value because people believe it has value. The bubble can bust in an instant. Pop! When someone yells "FIRE" in a crowded theatre, what happens? The billionaires are already bailing out. It is only a matter of time. 

Time is running out. Washington is hoping to start WW III because war has always worked in the past. Washington was the big winner of the Second World War, the First World War and the Civil War. Washington even managed to win all the wars the United States has lost. (That's every war since 1945.) Washington and its contractors (That's everyone who gets a dollar from Washington.) love war.

The foundation of U.S. power is the dollar. The Secret Service mandate is 1). protect the President and 2). protect the dollar. The U.S. dollar today is backed by nothing. About one-half of the debt is bought by the Federal Reserve which creates money out of thin air to buy the debt the Treasury creates to pay Washington's bills. China and Japan are the next largest creditors. They purchase T-bills with the dollars they accept as payment for the goods they have produced and Americans buy. As they reduce their purchases of Treasury Bills (Why should they bankroll their enemy?), all of the debt will be imaginary. Washington runs history's biggest Ponzi Scheme.

Forget about taxation as Washington's main source of income. Borrowing took off like a rocket in 2001 when the World Trade Centre was turned into dust and it blew away. The rocket-ride actually started with Jimmy Carter. It levelled off somewhat during Bill Clinton's presidency.) 9/11 is the fate of U.S. power. It will turn into dust and blow away. War cannot save Washington or the United States. Nuclear War would kill us all. 


The neocons think they will survive. (They don't care about the rest of us. They think we are cattle to be slaughtered. Untermenschen.) No one will survive.

Work for peace. Pray for Peace.


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