Wednesday, January 17, 2018


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by Morley Evans

I demand more! NOW!

Dear Premier Wall,

The Canadian medical system is run for the benefit of the pharmaceutical companies, drug stores, doctors, nurses, hospitals, and large ancillary populations including lawyers, judges and legislators who protect the system and its beneficiaries. The advertising industry and the news are essential to brainwash Canadians. Pharmaceutical companies buy the lion's share of advertising. News always contains a modern medical miracle story. Canadians are brainwashed. Patients in Canada are mere income opportunities. The Canadian medical system does not exist to help patients. It exists to provide lavish incomes for those who run the system.

Canadian medicine is similar to the American “defense” system which exists to provide lavish incomes for some, not to defend anyone. The defense industry makes Americans less safe than they would be if it did not exist at all. It requires enemies. If there are none. It makes them. Canadian medicine does not exist to make Canadians healthy. Healthy people do not need doctors. Medicine — incorrectly called “health care” — is not free as every Canadian believes. It is the number one expense in Canada costing governments more than everything else combined. Failing a revolution, which is unlikely because Canadians have been trained to love medicine, collapse can be expected. The Canadian medical system has already eaten itself out of house and home. Burp! Canadians are not healthy. Canadians get nothing for all it costs. Canadian "education" is very similar. It too is part of the Canadian brainwashing system.

You pay the bills, Mr Premier. You know the score.

Worse than out-of-control costs, rampant malpractice, waiting lines and everything else, the Canadian medical system is a state within the state. It is run by a bureaucracy that no Canadian has even heard of. This bureaucracy runs the "health regions". Canadian governments have been reduced to bodies of nobodies whose function is to collect taxes to fund Canadian medicine and to line the pockets of the aristocrats who run it. It is a feudal system of the eastern European kind where the reforms that came to western Europe were avoided. (The Russian Revolution of 1917 simply replaced the Tzarist aristocracy with the Bolshevik aristocracy.) Canadians are serfs. Canadians are milked, bilked, maimed, addicted and often killed by doctors. Like serfs, Canadians have no recourse. They are cattle.

So much for "Canada is the best country in the world."

Morley Evans

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