Monday, May 28, 2018


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by Morley Evans

Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America

SELF-DETERMINATION has bedevilled the world since it was first enunciated in the 1860s when the American "Civil War" was fought (1861-1865) and when Woodrow Wilson introduced it with his 14 points in 1918.

"The term self-determination has come to mean the free choice of one's own acts without external compulsion," according to Wikipedia. One's acts must be lawful, I presume.

Self-determination was used after the Great War (WW I) to break up and destroy the German, Austro-Hungarian, and Ottoman Empires. It was not used to kill the Russian Empire or the United States of America. 

The Chinese Empire was destroyed in 1912 with the abdication of the emperor. The Republic of China was created by American-educated Dr Sun-Yat-Sen. The Chinese Empire was effectively re-constituted in 1949 after the civil war between the Communists and the Kuomintang. The United States subsumed the British Empire after the Second World War.

Vicious wars to prevent self-determination in Russia and the United States of America were fought. In Russia the Bolsheviks won. They kept the Empire while replacing its leadership. In the United States, Washington won, preserving the Union and centralizing power in Washington.

Civil war by definition is a fight between groups that wish to rule a country. The American "war between the states" was not a civil war since the South only wanted to secede. Washington used the North to prevent secession and "preserve the union."

The American "civil war" was NOT fought to "free the slaves." It was fought to "preserve the union." It fundamentally changed the Constitution of the United States and preserved the American dream of Manifest Destiny which leads to a one-world government ruled by Washington.

Washington's vassalages are ruled by vassals selected by Washington to exectute Washington's directives. They and their friends are rewarded at the expense of their people. American businesses are free to loot and pillage with "free enterprise".

The American government has assiduously worked to prevent self-determination since 1945. It has fought to destroy every effort to create governments that would conform to the American Declaration of Independence which was inspired by Thomas Paine (if he did not write it). The Declaration of Independence is attributed to Thomas Jefferson.

The American South, the American Indians, the Spanish, and the Mexicans had no right of "self-determination" to be part of the United States or not. Koreans and Vietnamese had no right of self-determination either. Neither did the Greeks who fought a vicious civil war after WW II. Palestinians have no right of self-determination today as Israelis murder them with American weapons. 

What people want is entirely disregarded by Washington, and it always was. It matters not to Washington if 99% vote for something Washington does not wish to see. Washington wants Syria and Crimea and Russia. Washington cares not what Syrians, Crimeans, or Russians want. They are irrelevant.

It matters not to Washington what Americans want. What they want is irrelevant. Americans exist to serve Washington's empire, like everyone else. Capisce? מבין

Are Americans Washington's cannon-fodder? Here's a thought.

Civil War Military Casualties

The Civil War estimates 750,000 military deaths. "Collateral damage" was not counted then. How many Americans, especially in the South, died of wounds, starvation, and infections?

Have you noticed that Washington thinks it is the capital of the world already? The lower-classes know they are fighting for their oppressors. Dystopia is here. Wake Up!

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