Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HPV vaccine

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HPV vaccine is on the way?

Oh Great!

This is yet another scam from the pharmaceutical colossus, Merck, whose only proven interest is making money.

This is potentially even better than the cholesterol hoax because they will: 1). eventually inoculate every woman (1/2 the population!), 2). make it compulsory, 3). get the government to pay for it — guaranteeing Merck's income stream forever. And isn't money what it's all about when you get right down to brass tacks?

What if there are consequences ("side effects") that wreck the health of every woman? Who cares? The money will be in Merck's bank account and no one will be able to prove anything. "Any number of things could have caused this," their medical experts would claim. "We always provided warnings."

Side effects are good because everyone in the pharmaceutical industry will be able sell lots of things to mitigate side effects that develop. Top dollar lawyers and researchers will be employed so other pharmaceutical companies can get into the latest patent medicine bonanza Merck will have created.

Notwithstanding such benefits, though, experimenting with millions of people is inherently unethical and unwise. Nine-year-old girls are not lab rats — nor are 12-year-old girls, nor are people of any age.

Mothers! Don't trust your daughter's life to pharmaceutical giants. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT HER. Tell your daughters to say no to sex outside marriage. Provide all the reasons this is the smart thing to do. You can even explain this to your sons. Tell the school board "No Way."

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