Tuesday, June 24, 2008


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LETTER to Regina Leader-Post

WAR ON IRAN? You bet. It's coming pretty soon.

Could the commie pinkos have been right? Was the invasion and destruction of Iraq primarily about oil? Here's an interesting article.

It is hard to believe that before the invasion and destruction of Iraq, which was the inevitable result of ridding the world of Saddam, WMD, and bringing "duhmockricy" to the benighted souls of the Middle East, that BIG OIL was on the corporate endangered species list. Could never happen? The Detroit Three are on the list today.

Oil prices were low. The majors weren't making any money (of course, "nothing" to them would be a great deal for the rest of us). They were forced to merge to become the 6 supermajors of today.

Along with low, low oil prices, the dastardly Soviet commies and their ChiCOM brothers decided they were no longer going to play the fool to the "Free World" clean cut "good guys" we imagine ourselves to be. They went out of business! That meant that the defence industry was out of business: since there was no longer any need for them in a world dedicated to peace.

Then suddenly "9/11" struck out of the blue. It surprised everyone. Almost overnight it was dèja vu all over again. Bing and Bob were resurrected in reruns with Dorothy Lamour. The Andrews Sisters were heard again on the radio and on PBS.

We hunkered down to fight the war of the millennium. Everyone felt good again as they got used to ration cards and nights sleeping in the London Underground. Glen Miller tunes were being whistled with stiff upper lips. Lockheed Martin stock took a jump. Boeing sales soared.

We can trace today's events back to the perennial villain, Richard Nixon, who "normalized relations" with Mao back in the 1970s. That's when we started buying all that stuff "Made in China".

Peace just does not work, if your business is WAR! And our business is not peace. — Think about that when we begin destroying another country. It's coming soon. It's what we do here in the "Free World".

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