Thursday, October 2, 2008


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700 BILLION? Why stop there?

The fattest cats in the fat cat world are broke? If Wall Street gazillionaires become homeless, will they drag the rest of us down with them? Of course nobody wants to join them in line at the soup kitchen; we don't know these people. The U.S. government should bail them out.

Of course.

Why stop there? What about the rest of us? If Washington can give Wall Street 700 BILLION dollars, why can't they give the rest of us a bailout too? Everyone deserves a helping hand, not just the rich. Fair is fair.

If governments can simply write a cheque, they could abolish poverty. They could write everyone a cheque. Why not make them generous: great big fat cat cheques. One for everyone. Abolish poverty.

All it would take is political will. Everyone could have a chicken in the pot and a Lamborghini in the garage.

Why not?

Lamborghinis only get 5 mpg in the city, and even less at 200 mph, but once our cheques arrive it won't matter, we'll have MONEY TO BURN!

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