Monday, October 6, 2008


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Before the United States and the Coalition of the Willing (to be bought), invaded Iraq in 2003, William Lind warned this would not be "a cakewalk" as was claimed by those promoting the war. Instead, Lind warned, the invasion would be like Syracuse.

Briefly: After it had been defeated in the second Peloponessian War, Athens rebuilt and found much of its former strength. Soon a scheme was hatched:

"Let's get everyone into our ships and attack Syracuse."
"Sure, we can beat them."
"After we sack Syracuse and steal their stuff, we'll be on top again."
"This will be a cakewalk."

So a massive expeditionary force set sail for far off Syracuse on the island of Sicily in the west.

But the gods were not smiling on Athens and things well badly.

One disaster after another befell the Athenians. Eventually the fleet was destroyed and every Athenian was killed or captured and enslaved, to die in chains working in the quarry. One survivor was allowed to return to Athens to tell the tale.

This was the end of the line for Athens.

The Peloponessian Wars seriously weakened Greece. Soon Phillip of Macedon would conquer all.

William Lind's warning was ignored by Washington in 2003. But his prophecy is coming true today.

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