Saturday, July 25, 2009


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The pie chart below summarizes things nicely.

Forty percent is approximately what "Health" has increased to cost since Saint Tommy Douglas decided to pour the taxpayer's cash down the bottomless rat hole that is Saskatchewan medicare. Less than ten percent goes to help the poor. That's down a bit. They deserve to starve anyway. There is no justice here in Saskatchewan, so taxpayers save a bundle on that. Retread party hack lawyers are appointed by government to serve as judges. Jails don't cost very much because there aren't that many Indians to lock up and they deserve even less than what they get too. Twenty-two percent is spent to train new eager-beaver oarsmen to row the Galley of State. Some will become teachers and professors. A few will become well-paid bureaucrats who are the élite of society (along with medical doctors who are the perennial fat cats). What is the largest expenditure? Oh, right, "Health". So why aren't we healthy?

The budget is somewhat misleading on welfare. Seven percent does not go to the poor — although taxpayers think the poor get 90%, if not more, "for doing nothing (while we work to pay the bills, sniff)." Most of the welfare budget goes to bureaucrats. They are paid to make sure that the filthy wretches they call their "clients" do not get too much. The rest of the budget (over 90%) goes to people who are not poor. Most of them work directly for government, local, provincial or federal or they get an income from government, or they work for one of the Crown Corporations (which are owned by government) or they work for some established outfit like the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool (now called Viterra) which are partners of government. So much for the agrarian caring and sharing welfare state of Saint Tommy. This rookery, this monkey house, is straight out of Dickens.

We can do better than this. We had better wake up. Saskatchewan is an incestuous little place that has been stuck in the Fifties for over fifty years. Regardless of which Party runs the government nobody changes a thing. Is being in power and jockeying for position all that matters? No, it is not. Those who won't change deserve to be swept away.

incestuous |inˈses ch oōəs|
1 involving or guilty of incest : the child of an incestuous relationship.
2 (of human relations generally) excessively close and resistant to outside influence : the incestuous nature of literary journalism.
incestuously |1nˈsɛstʃəwəsli| adverb
incestuousness |1nˈsɛstʃəwəsnəs| noun
ORIGIN early 16th cent.: from late Latin incestuosus, from Latin incestus (see incest ).

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