Thursday, July 9, 2009

Learning Japanese

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After the War (1945), Japan was full of American GI Joe types who occupied the country. (They would stay on to protect Japan from the Communists just as they would stay on to protect Germany. It was very magnanimous of them. They would stay on and on. In fact, 64 years later, they are still there!) These big husky conquerors had Japanese girl friends from whom they learned to speak Japanese. The Americans did not know that Japanese women speak Japanese distinctly differently from Japanese men. Hearing these American men speaking like Japanese girls provided Japanese men with much amusement which must have been some consolation for the War.

And now that Toyota is the world's number one auto manufacturer, Honda provides ALL the engines for Indianapolis series race cars and General Motors Corporation is bankrupt and on life support, somebody must be laughing hard! After the War, the Japanese government told the Japanese car manufacturers to forget it, "You will never be able to compete with Detroit." But, Japan has a centuries-long history of adopting foreign ideas (usually Chinese), refining them and then doing everything better than the original. History does repeat itself. Japan proves the adage that you can't keep a good man (or woman) down.

Germany and China and India and others who have been colonized by us have followed the Japanese model. Think, learn, serve others, work hard, charge competitive prices for quality products and deal honestly with everyone: It's the modern way of doing things. Yet it is what every mother has always taught every child. You can look it up or you can ask your mom.

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