Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, Canada!

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This is a model we followed here:

Of course, unlike Great Britain, Canada is a classless society with opportunities open to everyone who has talent, is honest and works hard. Here we do not have an education system that separates the rulers from the worker drones as they did (do?) in England. Right? Canada is an egalitarian meritocracy. People in Canada don't try to protect their social position as well as their wealth and incomes the way they might do in places like England. Bullying and intimidation are not part of a Canadian child's upbringing. Canadians believe in fair play. Canadian parents teach their children to play fair. Hockey — Canada's national game — is a wonderful exercise in good wholesome fun that every child, even girls, can enjoy. Body-checking, boarding, spearing, slashing and fighting are not part of a Canadian child's upbringing. Canadians are protected by the law from unscrupulous people who would take advantage of them in some less desirable country, like the United States for example. Canadians can trust what they are told by their news outlets because Canadian news outlets are regulated, and sometimes owned, by the government. Canadians have the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to protect them. Canadians have publicly-funded medical care which is the envy of the world. Canadians are protected from criminals by the RCMP, their national police force which is the envy of the world. That's how it is here in Canada, the land of the beaver and the Maple Leaf Forever.

Wednesday 1 July will be Canada Day. Canadians will rejoice in the truths of the last paragraph. To the Greenall high school graduating class whose ceremony I attended yesterday: It's all true, except for the parts that aren't true.

Oh, Canada!

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