Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Word To The Wise

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At my health food store the other day, a new cashier emphatically lectured me on the benefits of organic foods that are grown locally. She told me that people should be looking for such things as "free range" apples, oranges and broccoli that can be purchased at local farmer's markets. One should avoid genetically modified produce that comes from greedy agribusiness conglomerates in California. I, personally, will be looking for "free range" locally grown bananas next January as they are superior to what the United Fruit Company sells. Those bananas come from Honduras and are harvested by slave labour I have been told. Farmers here in Saskatchewan pay extra to keep "free range" orange and apple trees fenced in because they have been known to wander onto highways and cause traffic accidents. We have responsible farmers here in Saskatchewan who believe an investment in public safety is worth the extra cost to them. Thank God for those responsible farmers. Buying locally is what I'll be doing from now on. I'm sure that is what you will want do as well.

- Morley

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