Sunday, June 21, 2009


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Iran is in turmoil. The Islamic Republic of Iran has been facing tens of thousands of protesters in the streets. Could a regime change in Iran be in the offing? This looks a lot like the 1953 turmoil that led to the overthrow of Mohammad Mosaddeq and the return of the Shah. [1] It looks a lot like the more recent colour-coded revolutions such as the one in Ukraine. An endogenous regime change would serve the Anglo-American Empire and the State of Israel better than an exogenous regime change that would cost lives and treasure. (Ours, of course, we don't care about theirs.) We here in the Empire can cheer for the people of Iran who are fighting for their freedom. We are in favour of freedom. That is what we are all about. The US Congress just passed an historic apology for slavery. Why, the POTUS today has dark skin. His father was an African. It is positively amazing how the tables have been turned on bad people and the world is now a better place. The bastion of freedom, the U.S.A., continues to lead the world into a bright future. Amazing. Don't you agree?

Have you noticed that the protest posters on the streets of Tehran that we see on our TV screens are written in English and that the demonstrators who are questioned also speak English? In Iran most people speak Persian or Kurdish. [2] It was just like that during the "orange revolution" in Ukraine. [3] The Iranian freedom-fighters are wearing Islamic green, of course. Do you suppose these freedom-loving people are playing to the TV audience and that the audience is us? Did you know that the people we saw cheering in Iraq after Saddam was defeated were organized by the U.S. Army? We saw them pull down one of Saddam's statues. Remember? Freedom.

I haven't heard anyone yet claim the CIA is behind the current turmoil in Iran, as it was behind the events of 1953. Of course the lads in Langley [4] don't do that sort of thing now, assuming that they ever did. God forbid. The POTUS is Barack Obama. He has dark skin. We support freedom.

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