Monday, September 7, 2009

America VS the United States

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RE: The 'Good War' — Raimondo

The Editor,

Although I agree with most things on, I must disagree with this:

The "Good War," in short, was the launching pad for the American Imperium, and ever since we’ve been marauding all over the world, likening our foes to Hitler, and building up a mighty apparatus of mass murder answerable to no one and nothing – certainly not to the American people.

If criticizing "The Good War" (WW II) is unwise, then criticizing the idea that the United States only recently turned bad is impossibly risky. But I want you to consider that the United States did not turn bad only recently, anyway. Peel the onion. Go back. Go all the way back. You will find the folks in Washington have always been doing what George W. Bush did and what Obama is still doing. That includes all the Presidents, even Jimmy Carter, who actually became good only after he left office. Even the Gipper was bad and I liked him (read Chomsky). Even Kennedy was bad and I liked him too (read Chomsky). Lyndon Johnson was bad, but he wasn't unusual. How about Truman? And FDR? And Wilson? And TR? And McKinley? And Lincoln? And Polk? And Andrew Jackson? You can go all the way back to George Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion and even look closely at what the Thirteen Colonies were doing before 1776. How did they treat the Indians? Abominably. Everyone knows about black slaves. Were there any white slaves? Yes, there were! Who was Napoleon's only ally? Why, it was the United States whose very first overseas mission was to crush the slave rebellion in Haiti and establish a naval base in Guantanamo. The base is still there! The United States Congress declared war on the Barbary Pirates. Why? So it could justify raising the money necessary to build a navy. The arguments then would be familiar to anyone today: they were righting wrongs, defending women and children etc., etc.

Americans have always been conned (not merely Indians, blacks and Mexicans, but most whites too): They have been unwitting dupes who thought they were spreading wholesome values, civilization, freedom, democracy, and human rights while they have actually been enhancing power in Washington. Take a close look at the history of Texas. Look at Mexico. Even Canada has been invaded several times. Review the history of Guatemala (United Fruit Company bananas) and Hawaii (Dole pineapple). Let's not forget the Philippines. Democracy, human rights and U.S. business, which is labelled "free enterprise", have always been spread at gun point. Americans have always been fascinated with munitions and history's bloodiest epoch, the 20th Century, was the American Century, actually, it was the U.S. Century.

One of the fundamental errors upon which the United States is founded is this: "Peace Through Strength." It is a formula for exactly what we have had, what we have now and where we are headed. The United States has always been an empire. The United States has always aspired to be an empire. The United States has always been driven to be the only empire. The United States government has always worked closely with the military and Big Business — the pattern for both Mussolini and Lenin was established by the United States, which the Ayatollah Khomeini called 'The Great Satin'! Of course we don't care what he said. He was just another Hitler. Khomeini took Iranian oil out of our hands!

"Don't bother us now, you peacenik, we're getting ready to bomb Iran into the stone age so we can save the world from terrorists."

Aren't convinced? Read Daniel Ellsberg:

This is what P.M. Steven Harper and his idiot Conservatives have committed Canada to support. Perhaps this is the traditional role of Conservatives in Canada: When it became clear to Paul Martin that Harper and his Tories were going to defeat Martin and the Liberals, Martin castigated Harper for selling out to Washington. It was the Liberals who have kept the Americans out of Canada and who have always been dedicated to Canadian independence, Martin whined. I have always been a Conservative supporter. I guess I was wrong. I won't vote Conservative again. I may never vote again. Duh-MOCK-ricy?

- Morley Evans

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