Friday, January 22, 2010

Helping People

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by Morley Evans

The Representative from Texas, Ron Paul, objects to using the earthquake disaster in Haiti as an excuse to send in the US military. While I usually agree with Dr. Paul, I have reservations in this case. The world's most powerful military must be good for something. It hasn't been able to win any wars since 1945. It should be put to some good use. (Yes, of course, the military did successfully invade Grenada in 1983 and Panama in 1989.) If it fails to accept this mission, people might say that the military has been a colossal waste of money! Put it to good use, I say!

New Orleans is a good example of how the military and Washington lawmakers have helped black people in the past. The Army Corps of Engineers has ably re-engineered the Mississippi River, correcting Mother Nature's shortcomings. Since Hurricane Katrina, Washington lawmakers have rebuilt New Orleans with boodles of cash and far-sighted planning. Now the US military can fulfill its mission to help a benighted world by taking over Haiti. Any earthquake that dares to upset Haiti again will be messing with the world's most powerful military! Send earthquakes to GITMO for reeducation. Washington lawmakers may soon be passing legislation to outlaw earthquakes altogether. I hope they do. Californians and our friends in Japan and China will benefit too.

Helping people. It's what we do. Canadians will be quick to lend Uncle Sam a hand, I'm sure. Canadians are always ready to step up to the plate. The RCMP is already there. Mounties have been there since the last invasion of Haiti in 2004.

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