Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Underwear Bombs

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As I am doing my correspondence, Larry King Live is on my TV. I am watching with the sound off, as usual. Today, President Obama, "The Commander in Chief" read the riot act to the Department of Homeland Security and the other agencies responsible for making Americans safe. A failed terror attack on Christmas Day was an unforgivable lapse in security, the President intoned.

A young man with a bomb in his pants was apprehended on a plane that had flown into Detroit. The bomb failed to detonate. Everyone in the United States, and the Free World, is threatened by this person and what might have happened, we were told. Really? Had his bomb exploded, a jet plane would have been damaged and several passengers would have been wounded and perhaps some would have been killed. What if everyone had been killed? Americans kill that many in Iraq and Afghanistan and on American highways every day.

Western Civilization and the United States of America are not threatened by people with shoe bombs and explosive underwear. We are all threatened, however, by the people who would "defend us." They are rounding us up and driving us into shelters where we will be "safe." They are injecting us with questionable vaccines and filling us with pharmaceutical drugs. They are creating enemies everywhere. People everywhere are afraid of us. Some hate us. Have you ever wondered why? The media churns hysteria and panic. The United States looks like Israel. Both places are run by Zionists. If I could, I would pull the chain and flush our "security establishment" kit and caboodle down the commode along with our leaders.

This farce leaves me speechless, but I'll do my best. We live amongst the dumbest people in history, a population which has been created by the public education system and the media. We are lead by imbeciles and psychopaths. CNN is now displaying yet more herds of would-be travellers waiting in airports; here is John Negroponte, James Carville, Joan Rivers ("tonight's special guest"), and a beautiful babe from the Republican Party. They will tell us what it all means.

This is entertainment today. I have the sound turned off on my TV which I watch occasionally out of the corner of one eye, when the TV is turned on. I don't buy anything they advertise. I don't buy anything they say.

I am very concerned. But this is a farce. Let's laugh!

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