Friday, March 4, 2011

Helping Libya

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by Morley Evans

Wake Up!

The United States and its allies like Canada are preparing to help the Libyan people who are oppressed by the dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The News shows tearful goodbyes as our heroes sail away to save the benighted people of Libya. Canadian and American hearts are aglow with pride.

Wake Up!

The United States and its allies like Canada do not care a fig about the people of Libya. The CIA helped Muammar Gaddafi come to power 41 years ago. The CIA installed Sadat and then Mubarak in Egypt. The CIA installed Saddam in Iraq. The Saudis and all the Emirs of the Gulf as well as King Abdullah of Jordan are puppets of the United States and its allies.

The Shah of Iran was a puppet of the United States and its allies too. Iran has been on Washington's shit list since the Shah was thrown out of Iran in 1979. We are told endlessly about the American hostage crisis. We are not told about the overthrow of Mohammad Mosaddeq in 1953 or anything about the Shah and his regime with its secret police and torture cells.

Is Syria really the odd-man-out or is Syria merely playing the role it has been assigned by the puppet master in Washington? Every marionette show needs a bad guy. The people watching the play on the nightly news need to be entertained. The audience is part of the entertainment.

The United States and its allies like Canada sit back and quietly encourage Israel whenever the Israelis go berserk and kill more Palestinians and Lebanese. "We have a right to defend ourselves," they whine.

Since 2001, the United States and its allies like Canada have killed 1.5 million people in Iraq [1], destroyed the country and turned another 5 million Iraqis into homeless refugees [2]. We have skillfully turned one group against another turning Iraq into a slaughterhouse while eliminating Iraq from the list of top three oil producers. Oil is now over $100 a barrel.

Our heroes have destroyed Afghanistan where the thieving Karzai (another CIA asset) cannot even venture outside the Green Zone in Kabul. You say it was already destroyed so it doesn't matter? We are getting ready to destroy Pakistan and Iran to spread freedom and democracy.

The United States and its allies like Canada are doing exactly what the British Empire did before them: They are looting the people who were crushed when the Ottoman Empire was defeated in World War One and dismembered afterward. Canadians and Americans supporting this are guilty of War Crimes. They are criminals like the criminals who are currently directly engaged in this criminal war and the criminals who committed crimes before them. They have no honour.

Some say we have been at war in the region since 2001 — longer than the Second World War. Actually, we have been waging war on these people since 1914 — the outbreak of the First World War. We have been bleeding the region for 97 years. Shame on us. Shame.

If the United States and its allies invade Libya, it will be to install a dictator who is friendly to the United States and its allies like Canada, NOT to help the Libyan people. The Libyans do not want our help. I don't blame them, do you? Of course we are now being told on the nightly news that the Libyans do want our help. We are part of the entertainment. We will support another takeover and think we are doing them a favour. It's a nightmare.

Wake Up!


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