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Where Did The People Go?

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by Morley Evans

There probably were many more people in the towers than we have been told. When the story broke, we were told tens of thousands worked in the WTC every day. Hospitals and doctors expected to be overwhelmed. Yet no one showed up. A few people did manage to make the long journey down the stairs to the street. Sadly, the rest were turned to micro dust along with concrete, glass, and steel. How many? We don't know. The cars on the FDR Freeway (a mile away from the WTC) are spooky. Could the drivers have been selectively turned to dust, leaving some cars without engine blocks and all in various stages of toasting? What happened is bizarre. Paper escaped destruction while steel and concrete turned into dust. Paper lying beside burning cars didn't even catch fire. Why were the cars on fire? These were strange fires. Steel was burning, but paper was not, yet it looked like fire. Trees in full leaf standing beside toasted and overturned cars were undamaged as were glass windows in buildings beside them. The whole episode is straight out of the Twilight Zone. Could large numbers of people disappear without being noticed? It doesn't seem possible. But there is a case: a million missing and unaccounted for Germans:

After WW II, Chancellor Conrad Adenhauer polled every household in West Germany to find out whether anyone was missing. This roll call was very extensive and carefully undertaken in the usual meticulous German fashion. When they had finished looking at the data and reconciling it with other data, about one million Germans who should have been there were not there. They were not accounted for in the war dead. Where did they go? Everyone thought the Russians must have done them in, but this explanation has been in dispute since Yeltsin and then Gorbachev opened the super secret Soviet archive a few years ago. The point in this essay is that even something as large as a million Germans would not have been discovered if no one had looked. How would anyone know without a roll call? In all likelihood, you would not know about this if you had not read about it here. (How do we know what we know?) War casualties are problematic, so are victims of natural disasters. Adding them up is not a simple matter.

If the buildings were NOT turned to dust, there would have been a large rubble pile 13 stories tall that would have contained concrete, steel, glass, toilets, filing cabinets, desks, chairs and dead people. Since there were no such things and no rubble pile either, the towers must have turned to dust just as millions witnessed with their own eyes. What could have done such a thing? HOW did the towers turn to dust is the Big Question for official-dumb to avoid. The best way to avoid it is to say the people never went to work that day and the rubble was "shipped to China." They can't say the people, or their bodies, were shipped to China. If there are no bodies, people will wonder why not? [1] They can't say the people were turned into micro dust because they want to avoid talking about dust and the uncomfortable questions that would arise. It doesn't seem possible they could get away with their ridiculous stories, but they have been getting away with quite a lot for a long time. If the towers were turned into dust — and they were — we know that no explosives or fire did it, eliminating jet fuel, high explosives, fertilizer bombs, mini-nukes, thermite, and "nano-thermite", as well as all the usual suspects. Only someone with access to ultra exotic technology that no one else has could have done it. Who has been the world leader in munitions for hundreds of years? It wasn't Beduin or Pashtun tribesmen. Official-dumb has outsmarted itself, unless they can get us to believe that Aladdin (a person from the Middle East) did it with his magic lamp.

Could the supposed collapse have pulverized the towers into dust? A physicist could show with incomprehensible calculus that that is impossible, but you can do it yourself without calculus. The towers each weighed hundreds of millions of kilograms (500,000,000 kg or 500,000 tons). If each floor fell onto the floor below, as we have been asked to believe, then the force would have pulverized the floor below, they say. This incredible weight would have increased as each floor was added to the falling pile. But wait. Dust weighs next to nothing. The dust from the towers remained suspended in air for hours and blew away on the breezes. Over 95% of each tower turned to dust and blew away. There was no downward force. Nothing. As a tower disintegrated from the top down, there was less load on the floors below than usual. In videos, we can see whole sections of the towers disintegrating and turning into dust in mid-air long before they didn't hit the ground. We know that the towers stood for decades somehow supporting their own weight. Why didn't they fall down years ago? Are we to believe that like a giant house of cards each tower could have collapsed if a bird had landed on the roof, being the straw that broke the camel's back? Were the towers fragile structures just waiting for disaster to strike? That has been suggested. Does that not sound ridiculous? Something turned the towers into micro dust. They went "poof" in about nine seconds — ten times faster than free fall. In other words, the rubble was "shipped to China" in ± 9 seconds! Faster than FedEX. What did that? That is the Big Question.

Note: the towers would have taken ± 90 seconds to collapse not ± 9 seconds TEN TIMES AS LONG if they were destroyed as official-dum says they were, assuming no resistance from air or structural materials which would force the collapse to take even longer.
(The reason the towers did not fall down before is the resistance of structural materials which always keep the rate of collapse at zero if the engineers did their job. In a conventional demolition, this structural resistance is removed with explosives. Then everything is smashed when it falls. The rubble never turns into dust, ever. Something else happened to the WTC towers on 9/11. What? The towers were turned into dust. How? We don't know, but whoever did it does know.) WTC 7 was destroyed in a similar but apparently not in an identical way. It disappeared without the huge dust clouds of WTC 1 and 2. The bottom floor disappeared and the floors above dropped then disappearing themselves one by one. WTC 7 was all gone in about 6 seconds. If they could make WTC 7, which was a 47 storey super reinforced building, disappear without a trace, they can make you disappear too. [3] Think about that.

The NYPD and FDNY are paramilitary organizations. They keep detailed records of policemen, firemen, all the equipment they use, what they do and when they do it. They are in a better position to know what happened than a civilian organization like an insurance company or a dental office which are organized for different purposes. The NYPD knows who was driving squad car 2723 on that day, at that time. Here are photos of squad cars on the FDR Freeway that were toasted. Where are the officers? Did they walk away, abandoning their cars in the middle of the street along with those other toasted cars? Did they decide to have a coffee and a donut somewhere? Who were they? Where are they? What about all the others? We can find out who they were because every car has a license plate and there are records at the DMV. If the officers are alive, what did they see? What happened on the FDR Freeway? What happened to the cars after they were toasted? Where are those cars now? Were they "shipped to China?"

What have the workers at ground zero been doing every day for over nine years? They have been busy. They have been doing something.

It is perfectly possible to cover something up so no one ever hears about it, as Dr. Judy Wood knows all too well. She has worked day and night since 9/11 and she still has not become a household word or made the nightly news — not even once. You probably have never heard of her. Why hasn't Bob Simon had her on CBS 60 Minutes? Would a few minutes on TV have made any difference? What else have you never heard of?

What happened to the people on the planes? This is most likely: The planes were highjacked electronically from the ground, flown out over the Atlantic and detonated. No fuss no muss. Millions watched planes crash into the towers. It was a TV show with fairly crude animation and fairly sophisticated explosive special effects. No one saw a plane, or anything else, crash into the Pentagon. A video of the Pentagon, taken by a surveillance camera on a nearby hotel, was confiscated by the Secret Service and never seen again. No cell phone calls were made from planes to Ted Olson, or anyone else. [2] The phone records show that. No plane crashed in Pennsylvania. We don't know what happened there (or anywhere else). The planes did not show up on the radar screens and no air defense was raised because there were no planes. Period.

Woman at edge of North Tower Hole
Here's a question to ask yourself: How was it possible for people in the towers to sit at the edge of holes that were supposedly made by big Boeings when the areas were supposedly ablaze with fires that were caused by boiling jet fuel? The area that was inside this hole wasn't on fire, was it? Can you see a fire?

This woman, who was soon to become micro dust, looked relaxed; she peered over the side. What caused the hole? Do you think it could have been a big Boeing?

North Tower Airplane Shaped Hole

And more at the plane-shaped hole:

Trapped and Doomed

[1] The solemn ceremonies performed by firefighters whenever human remains were found and taken away from ground zero made good television, but there weren't very many. There certainly were not tens of thousands, or even thousands.
[2] We were told all about the cell phone calls from the plane that was supposedly headed for the Pentagon — that's where the "box cutter" high-jackers  story came from — but we were told next to nothing about the phone calls that were made from the WTC. There must have been thousands. Phone connections were cut, you say? Did no one in a world communications hub have a cell phone?
[3] WTC 7 dissolved from the bottom and the building dropped into the process of disintegration that had been created on the first floor. Videos taken from the south side show huge dust clouds rolling down the streets from the building. While WTC 1 and 2 disintegrated from the top down, the same phenomenon was a work in all three places. The other four buildings (3, 4, 5, and 6) all suffered serious disintegration themselves, as did the Deutsche Bank / Bankers Trust building across the street. These concrete and steel buildings looked as if they were rotting.) The Bankers Trust building was repaired and then it was torn down. Why? A previously unknown process was started at the WTC which affected more than the three huge buildings with which everyone is now familiar. This process of "dustification" may be continuing even today, ten years later.

Some Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) are already a reality, today:
Advanced research and development always runs far ahead of anything the public hears.

"Getting on with life" can be the most important part of any cover up. Criminals are rewarded after innocents have been robbed and killed. You can look at Larry Silverstein who is one fine example of humanity. Lies are repeated often and they become etched in stone as truth. Truth tellers are written off as kooks or simply ignored. Our criminal foreign policy, based this time on the abomination of 9/11, continues and more crimes and atrocities are committed against more innocents. Law has been undermined and then discarded. Yet, life does go on. Everyone is happy happy, believing they are doing good while they continue to support evil and/or do evil themselves. No one investigated anything. They accepted the lies they were told and got busy cleaning up the mess. The US Congress voted for 8 billion dollars in tax free "Liberty Bonds" to rebuild the World Trade Centre on top of the 7 billion dollars Larry Silverstein got from his insurance company. Lucky Larry had invested 15 million dollars to lease the WTC from the Port Authority in the spring. He cashed in big time in the fall.

The WTC 9/11 Crime Scene Is Destroyed

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