Monday, May 30, 2011

Global Warming

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by Morley Evans

You may have noticed that the globe doesn't seem to be warming. You may have noticed that the TV experts have been telling you to believe them not your lying eyes. Highly paid university professors teach kiddies about Global Warming. Since the Globe may not actually be warming, they have switched the monicker to Climate Change which is fairly safe since the climate is always changing. The source of this change, "climate experts" claim is still Carbon, so they are still talking about the same thing.

Last winter was cold and long. This spring is wet and cold. Violent weather has wreaked havoc everywhere. Is this evidence of Global Warming A.K.A. Climate Change? What to believe? First, violent weather is a sign of a colder planet, not a warmer planet. Second, long frigid dreary winters with record snow falls are also a sign of a colder planet not a warmer planet.

Many factors affect the climate. The most important of these are solar and geological activity as well as planetary orbits around the sun. The farther a planet is from the sun, the colder it is. The closer a planet is to the sun, the warmer it is. That explains why we have winter and why we have summer. Remember what they taught you in Grade One?

The Sun

The sun is the earth's most important source of heat, by far. In fact, the sun is the only source of heat for the planet, period. Sun spots indicate increased solar activity. The more active is the sun, the more heat it produces and the warmer is the earth. Sun spots have been monitored for hundreds of years and there is a very close correlation between solar activity and the climate. The more active the sun, the warmer the earth. The less active the sun, the cooler the earth. This has nothing to do with Carbon. It has nothing to do with the exhaust pipe on your car.

Unless one is talking about climates created indoors, man-made climate change is baloney. Pollution and environmental destruction are not bunk, however. They are definitely man-made problems that will not be solved if we waste our time burying carbon or taxing it. Overpaid "experts" and morons with megaphones who enjoy governmental patronage are a big problem too. Fraud is always a problem.

As the world gets cooler, we want to burn carbon as we have been doing since before the Stone Age to stay warm or we need to find an effective alternative, like moving south — otherwise we will freeze to death. You can test this hypothesis next winter if you turn off your furnace.

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