Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Washington's Empire

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by Morley Evans

Comment on 'Unprovoked' Attacks by Ivan Eland in AntiWar.Com

VERY TRUE, SIR: Washington has always had a very aggressive foreign policy. If one considers everything outside the beltway to be Washington's world-wide empire, the Civil War was no different from the various U.S. invasions of Canada and Mexico and the steady expansion of the "American" empire [across the continent and] around the world. The Pentagon (which is unique in history) has divided up the globe into six commands as if every part of the world and all of its billions of people are part of Washington's empire. Americans, themselves, are mere cannon fodder for Washington's hubris.

The real Evil Empire is revealed:

There are ten Unified Combatant Commands. There are five military branches: the CIA, Navy, Marines, Army and Air Force. Each branch has its own, or is its own, intelligence service. The CIA has its own secret army. There is the Coast Guard and a Reserve for each military branch. There are other branches such as the National Security Agency (NSA) which has a budget that is larger than the CIA to electronically spy on everyone. NASA is a military organization. Space is the next frontier.

There is an empire of military bases around the globe, some are inside the borders of the former U.S.S.R. Germany and Japan are still occupied by the United States over sixty years after WW II. Great Britain is occupied by the United States! The Pentagon may have lost count of all the foreign bases, which number over a thousand and, like cancer, have a life of their own. Iraq has been destroyed and its people are being driven out or killed. U.S. military bases are being built. They are the new Iraq. This is the freedom, human rights and democracy that Washington promises to bring to the world.

Washington has many helpers, like MI6 and NATO.

The military-industrial complex benefits from U.S. foreign aid. Money is given or loaned to foreign countries to be used to buy weapons from U.S. military contractors. Often the money doesn't even leave the U.S. but goes directly to a contractor. Every Congressional District has jobs producing military equipment ensuring the military budget will not be touched. As non-military jobs go to China and elsewhere, military jobs will be all that are left for Americans (similar to those happy times of WW II when every American was involved in the war effort). The British are not left out. The world's largest weapons contractor is BAE Systems according to Wikipedia.

Dictators around the world are satraps of Washington's empire. Their job is to keep their people in line while playing the roles Washington has assigned for them in the Kabuki theatre that is presented to Americans on the 24-hour news cycle that keeps "well-informed" Americans thinking straight. The increasing militarization of American police reminds us that they — as everywhere else — primarily exist to protect the rulers. Are you part of the Inner Party, the Alpha caste? No? Too bad.

Washington seems to be the devil's workshop. Do they have new weapons that make everything else obsolete, even nuclear weapons? Will they find a new way to take over the world's money? Stay tuned.

Unified Combatant Commands

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There are 10 Unified Combatant Commands; six regional and four functional. United States Africa Command became initially operational in October 2007.
CommandCommanderHome BaseArea of Responsibility
United States Northern Command (NORTHCOM)Admiral James A. Winnefeld, Jr. (USN) (also Chief of NORAD)Peterson Air Force BaseColoradoNorth American homeland defense and coordinating homeland security with civilian forces.
United States Central Command (CENTCOM),General James N. Mattis (USMC)MacDill Air Force BaseFloridaEgypt through the Persian Gulf region, into Central Asia; handing over responsibility of Horn of Africa toAFRICOM.
United States European Command (EUCOM)Admiral James Stavridis (USN) alsoSupreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR)SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), Belgium (USEUCOM HQ in Stuttgart, Germany)Europe, including Turkey, and Israel
United States Pacific Command (PACOM)Admiral Robert F. Willard (USN)Camp H. M. SmithOahu, HawaiiThe Asia-Pacific region including Hawaii.
United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM)General Douglas M. Fraser (USAF)Miami, FloridaSouth, Central America and the surrounding waters
United States Africa Command (AFRICOM)General Carter F. Ham (USA)Kelley BarracksStuttgart, Germany; to be relocated to African continent or other location TBDAfrica excluding Egypt
U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM)Admiral Eric T. Olson (USN)MacDill Air Force BaseFloridaProvides special operations for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.
U.S. Joint Forces Command (JFCOM)General Raymond Odierno (USA)Headquarters at

Naval Support Activity Norfolk;

additional facilities at Suffolk, Virginia
Supports other commands as a joint force provider.
United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM)General Kevin P. Chilton (USAF)Offutt Air Force BaseNebraskaCovers the strategic deterrent force and coordinates the use of space assets.
United States Transportation Command(TRANSCOM)General Duncan J. McNabb (USAF)Scott Air Force BaseIllinoisCovers global mobility of all military assets for all regional commands.

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