Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Duhmockricy and Freedom

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by Morley Evans

I just watched "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" which was originally broadcast on The History Channel. What more could be said about this, one wonders? Still, I watched.

According to the people in this documentary, Kennedy was killed by the CIA. The shooter was in the manhole in front of the advancing Presidential limousine. He was low, not high, like the fence on the grassy knoll. The lethal "missile" entered Kennedy's right temple and exited from the rear, blowing away the back of the President's head. The shooter then pulled the manhole cover back into place and escaped down the storm sewer which drained into the nearby river. He would have watched the motorcade progress through the curb opening. He could have popped up at just the right time.

Today, all the manhole covers are welded shut before every Presidential parade.

The assassination project, they say, originated in the office of the President's brother, Robert Kennedy, the Attorney General. RFK had initiated the project to assassinate Castro after he had become frustrated with repeated CIA failures to get the job done. RFK immediately knew what had happened. He is quoted as having said, "Our guys killed my brother!"

No one will ever know, of course. Maybe Lyndon Johnson had James Jesus Angleton, CIA counterintelligence chief, hijack the project and turn it around. The autopsy photos were doctored. The Warren Commission was thwarted and Oswald was the patsy, just as he claimed.

Why is Kennedy's assassination still important? It is one glaring example of the sculduggery that goes on unseen behind the curtain while the crowd is entertained by the players on the stage. The audience laughs and cries, completely unaware of what is really happening. This has been going on for the longest time. Our leaders are the best at fooling the audience. Shakespeare was our guy. He wrote propaganda for the Tudors. We and the British invented newspapers, movies, broadcast radio and television. We invented the Internet. We invented duhmockricy and freedom.

- Morley Evans

A really really big problem with the manhole cover idea is that the sidewalk was lined with people, was it not? I think I remember that it was. Wouldn't someone have noticed a sniper popping up to shoot the President? Wouldn't someone have been standing on the manhole cover? On the other hand, I can definitely believe LBJ would have loved tormenting RFK with guilt over RFK's own Operation Mongoose that had gone wrong. - MLE


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