Saturday, September 8, 2012

War is Coming

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by Morley Evans

FOR THE RECORD: I do not support the people in Ottawa who claim to own me and the geographical entity known as "Canada". They have no right to appropriate our money and act in our name. Steven Harper's foreign affairs policy has never been presented to the people of Canada for approval or rejection. Steven Harper's government merely acts as if it has a blank cheque. The pusillanimous Official Opposition sits quietly.

Yesterday, the Canadian Foreign Minister, the loudmouthed former used car salesman, John Baird, announced Canada would be closing its embassy in Iran and closing the Iranian embassy in Ottawa. This is an act of war. The racist paranoiac psychopath, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, the leader of the so-called State of "Israel", was delighted by the announcement — which came one day after U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey, (who is concerned about on-going Israeli threats to "preemptively" bomb Iran) told "Bibi" to knock it off.

Warmongering leads to war. These morons want to start World War III. Iran is backed by Russia and China. Both are armed with enough nuclear weapons to wipe us out in a few minutes if they are sufficiently provoked or attacked. If that were to happen, everyone in the world would pay a big price to get rid of bigmouth John Baird and his warmongering pals. Baird and the other psychos must be rounded up and sentenced to indefinite psychiatric incarceration before they can do real harm.

Where is that wonderful public watchdog the Canadian Brainwashing Corporation? The CBC and the rest of Canada's propaganda industry is licking its chops awaiting the next big story about our noble heroes going off to war to defend civilization, freedom and duhmockricy.

John Baird, Canadian Foreign MInister

Can you name one Iranian act of aggression against Canada or Israel or anyone else in the last 2,500 years? What about the "Iran Hostage Crisis" you ask? Do you know why that happened? Do you know what happened? Do you know anything about Iran and Persia?
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Morley Evans said...

who is this asshole?

Morley Evans said...

This asshole gives politicians a bad name.