Saturday, June 15, 2013

Modern Medicine

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by Morley Evans

Hi Paul,

The number of people killed and maimed by doctors and pharmaceutical companies is much worse than you know. My case, for one, is not even in their statistics. If they included it, they would say that Dr. Buwembo saved my life when he drilled a hole in my head to drain a haematoma. He did, but the unbelievably corrupt medical system in Regina caused my problems for 62 years — Vitamin D alone would have alleviated many of my childhood and adolescent medical problems. Doctors prevented proper nourishment. Doctors do not want to know about that. These bastards should be stripped of everything they have and everything they ever will have. They should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

The miracle of modern medicine is a hoax. More people are living longer due to improved public health and sanitation, not doctors. Pharmaceutical companies and their doctor mountebanks have a long history of saving lives that goes all the way back to Fleming's discovery of Penicillin, for which they can take no credit. Before that, doctors were using leeches to draw blood and mercury to treat syphilis. Merck figured out how to mass produce Penicillin, creating "modern medicine" as we know it. This coincides, not incidentally, with The Great Victory of '45 and the beginning of the American Age (which is coming to an end). The big advance before Penicillin was Aspirin which was created by Bayer (a money-losing subsidiary of IG Farben) just before The Great War. Sulfa drugs were created by Bayer in the thirties before Penicillin which came in the forties. Opium that is used to kill pain has been used everywhere for centuries, perhaps for millennia. Vaccination was invented by the Ottomans to prevent small pox. Serious questions about modern inoculations are dismissed by the pharmaceutical companies and doctors who give massive combined doses to babies. Doctors are ignorant about the pharmaceutical drugs they prescribe and rarely understand the untoward effects they cause. Unnecessary hysterectomy and other surgeries are wide-spread. Doctors consider cardiovascular disease to be a plumbing problem. Doctors know nothing about nutrition or health. Doctors were easily conscripted into the War on Fat and Cholesterol. Doctors gave an honored place in their ranks to Sigmund Freud, Arthur Kinsey and Ancel Keys with their questionable notions. Doctors were slow to accept the concept that bacteria cause disease, fighting Semmelweis, but today think bacteria are the only cause of disease, prescribing antibiotics to treat patients suffering from viral and fungal infections and venom. Doctors ignore the well-known hazards of radiation which are recognized by dentists who are very careful with radiation. Breast cancer has become an epidemic with mammography that has been promoted by doctors as a preventative measure. Today more people are living to old age, but they are not living longer and they are not healthy. Old folks live in old folks homes addicted to pharmaceutical drugs that they take three times a day as prescribed by doctors. Old folks in Regina pay 3 to 5 thousand dollars A MONTH to live in old folks homes. When their money runs out, their luck runs out. After the medical system has bled them white, they are dumped at a hospital. Of course, people with no money just die. Dr. Max Gerson, MD, pointed to a better way a century ago. But he and others with better ideas have been stifled and destroyed by Big Money Medicine. Happily, the magic bullet of antibiotics is gone thanks to greedy, lazy, ignorant doctors and industrial agriculturalists. Reform is inevitable and it is coming soon because "modern medicine" despite its propaganda has no cure for chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. Modern medicine is good at treating acute injury (such as you would acquire in a car crash or when your Humvee drives over an IED). Ancient Egyptian doctors were good at treating acute injury too. They had no chronic disease (or cars).

Head injuries were fairly common in ancient Egypt. Doctors drilled holes in patients' heads to drain subdural haematomata. A pox on doctors, the food industry and the pharmaceutical companies who are the main partners in "modern medicine" along with lawyers and politicians who protect them. A popular superstitious belief in doctors is the foundation of "modern medicine" which is a racket run by racketeers in positions of power.

I could go on and on, but this is enough for now. The acid test for modern medicine is whether or not it responds to feedback. Unlike the airline industry — which goes to great lengths to find out why something went wrong and which implements changes to prevent a reoccurrence, modern medicine does nothing to prevent future problems — except to whine for more money. Modern medicine does cover up its crimes and muzzle its victims, of course. Unlike any other business that scores zero on customer service, modern medicine doesn't go bankrupt; it gets rewarded. Doctors don't learn from errors or change what they do. Being a doctor means you never have to say you're sorry.

Doctors think they know everything. Their patients think they know everything too. Suspension of disbelief and putting one's faith in one's doctor is an important part of treatment. Helpless people hope for miracles and for miracle workers. Doctors cover up their mistakes, lie, alter and destroy records, and bury their victims whether they are dead or alive. People give them a pass. Doctors carry on with their business — which is making money, oblivious to the harm they cause. Should you take your child to the doctor? Should you go yourself? If you are going to die anyway, you might as well take a chance. You have nothing to lose. You might get lucky. I did. Some people win the Lottery too.

Good doctors, who object to these harsh and unkind words, need to disassociate themselves from the crooks who dominate their profession. Don't hate me. Hate them. Victims of medical abuse can be consoled: through the efforts of a few, the ways of the herd are eventually abandoned and reform occurs. Good defeats evil. Wrongdoers may not be punished in this life but they are cursed and then forgotten by the living. Unrepentant wrongdoers burn in Hell forever, one hopes.

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- Morley


Middle Child said...

Very interesting husband was released from hospital and died a couple of hours after he was returned home. The doctor forcibly took the ventilator from him and he couldn't breathe after a time. he is counted as a discharge!In his case modern medicine did save his life after he broke his neck at work aged 32. Without their technology he would not have lived long after that. We had a happy and full 25 years after that. The girls had their dad and I had my lovely husband. He might still be alive if he hadn't been killed brutally by modern medical horrors. He was failing but the alternative to their brutalisation would have been to peacefully stayed at home, with oxygen at times to help with his breathing, surrounded by our love and dying with his autonomy respected. I will never get the images out of my mind - I start talking about him and smile a lot about the things we did and how funny he was, then the images of their torture return...they have doone this. I have a righteous anger and thats a good anger because it is this which will drive me to bring them to account

Morley Evans said...

Your husband lives on in your heart and mind. He lives with his daughters too. You all loved him and he loved you all. With your loving care, he lived for 25 years. Together, you and your husband raised your daughters. Love is what is important. Don't let monsters steal that from you. Your efforts, and mine, and others, will bring about reform. Most people live in a dreamworld. They have no idea what's real.