Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Arguments From Authority

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by Morley Evans

Authorities everywhere, and the sheeple who follow them, will think my "opinion" is worthless because I am not an authority. I have bad news for them: arguments from authority are worthless. Arguments must make sense. Those are the rules and since my arguments make sense, I am prepared to go 96 rounds with anyone on my "opinions". One at a time or all at once. Your doctor hasn't even read the product inserts of the drugs he prescribes. Your doctor's critics have read all of them as well as all the studies that disprove what he says. I have read your doctor's critics and the manufacturer's materials. Have you?

Bruce Lee

One dumb-ass exposed:

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Middle Child said...

I read and research everything, but then Don and i always did - we took every precaution when he went to hospital - but what they did was so bad we could not have imagined in our darkest moments they would do this to him...