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Another View on Modern Medicine

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posted by Morley Evans


Modern medicine has grown so corrupt that not only does its Vision fail to inspire faith and devotion, but its sacraments and symbols cannot move people to a better life. So Modern Medicine has started to become more than defensive. It must rely on force to maintain itself and grow. As its spiritual authority has diminished, Modern Medicine has grown more oppressive and violent. What was once the option of a free people is becoming an enforced obligation.

We have a Medical Inquisition.

The first, seemingly innocuous, sign of an inquisition is the selling of indulgences. By promoting the selling of indulgences, a church admits that it has lost any rightful claim on people's imaginations and hearts. When you can buy your blessings, a religion motivates you not to good works but to whatever will allow you to purchase your place in "heaven."

The Church of Modern Medicine passed that point long ago. Medical insurance is the doctor's version of indulgence. Whereas most traditional religions never demanded more than ten per cent, the Church of Modern Medicine's price tag on its blessings and sacraments increases faster than anything else in the marketplace. You buy future blessings because Modern Medicine tacitly admits it can't maintain your health, so you're going to need their blessings someday. This lets the doctor off the hook and puts you on it. The doctor can't lose and you can't win, because you're tricked into believing that you're going to get sick no matter what you do. What a way to go through life! What a spiritual inspiration!

Besides, medical insurance has accomplished little in terms of protecting the patient. After all, considering the deductibles, a hospitalized patient today is likely to spend just as much money as a few decades ago before insurance. The almost exclusive effects of medical insurance has been to enhance the income of the providers.

Like the medieval Inquisition, the Medical Inquisition assumes you're guilty. External acts of health will not sway your doctor. The fact that you can run marathon distances will only make the doctor suspicious of you, and won't convince him that you're healthy. He's more likely to warn you against hurting yourself. Also like the medieval Inquisition, all your business with the Church is secret - even from you. Try getting copies of your medical records.

The medieval Inquisition was not accountable for its actions. Neither is the Medical Inquisition. If the medieval Inquisition executed or tortured a witness to death, no matter. There was probably something sinful about him anyway. If in the course of your treatment your doctor kills you because of stupidity, negligence, or just plain malevolence, your family will need the best lawyer money can buy to have a chance of getting justice. If your doctor kills you because the recognized sacred treatment he uses on you is bogus though no one will admit it, then the best lawyer in the world won't be able to get justice. This happens thousands of times each day.

Most people have some idea of the dictionary definition of the Inquisition: the detection and punishment of heretics. What isn't obvious in the definition is that the Inquisition was actually a very effective tool for enforcing Church law and maintaining the Church as a cultural and political force. The effect was to keep the Church a potent force in people's lives and the life of a culture. You just couldn't get from one end of life or society to the other without paying your dues to the Church.

Try getting from one end of life to the other without paying your dues to Modern Medicine. No one passes through without being dipped or splashed with the already mentioned four Holy Waters of Modern Medicine: immunizations, fluoridated water, intravenous fluids, and silver nitrate. All four of these substances are of questionable safety and value - objectively speaking. Nevertheless, Modern Medicine has elevated them to the sacred. To the faithful, not only do these substances carry great power, but it is "taboo" to question or tamper with them. They are to be treated only with reverence, and they are maintained in their holiness by civil law as the Church of Medicine's law.

An Inquisition makes it easier for a church to discredit and disenfranchise competing churches, simply by declaring the competition's rituals to be heresy. Any group of people, ideas, or practices that can effect health is attacked, including traditional religions and the family.

The Inquisition gives Modern Medicine the power it needs to prosecute the competition with the force of law behind it. If a doctor "suspects" a child had been the victim of child abuse, the state has given the doctor the power to incarcerate the child in the hospital. What is there to prevent the doctor from suspecting child abuse in any number of situations where the doctor's power is threatened? A lot of people are currently getting around the immunization laws by forging the records or by taking advantage of slack enforcement by school officials. What would happen if both sides got tough at the same time, if the parents publically refused to submit and the school refused to admit? What's to stop the doctors from accusing the parents of child abuse and taking the children away from them, or, at least, fining them punitively?

In return for the power granted the Inquisition by the state, Modern Medicine does an enormous favour for the state by medicalizing problems that are not medical at all. As John McKnight, Professor of Communications Studies and Associate Director of the Centre for Urban Affairs at Northwestern University, has said in his essay "The Medicalization of Politics," "The essential function of medicine is the medicalization of politics through the propagation of therapeutic ideology. This ideology, stripped of its mystifying symbols, is a simple triadic credo:

1. The basic problem is you.
2. The resolution of your problem is my professional control.
3. My control is your help.

"The essence of the ideology is its capacity to hide control behind the magic cloak of therapeutic help. Thus, medicine is the paradigm for modernized domination. Indeed, its cultural hegemony is so potent that the very meaning of politics is being redefined. Politics is (usually) interactive - the debate of citizens regarding purpose, value, and power. Medicalized politics is unilateral - the decision of the 'helpers' in behalf of the helped."

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn...

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