Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Future

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by Morley Evans

Gun-to-the-head diplomacy stops working eventually. After successfully using its system for several centuries, the jig is up for the Real Evil Empire — just when it seemed about to take over the world completely. Nothing the Fed can do will save it — not even WW III. When the US dollar goes "poof" that will be it. Finito! Most people don't have bars of gold. Most people don't even have silver. They don't have palladium. It would be nice to stick it to the BTBTF (banks too big to fail) and their buddies, but what about everyone else? We can take our lesson from the many countries that have dumped their old currency for a new currency. Mexico and Italy have done it many times. Germans survived the Great War, the Weimar Republic, the Nazis and WW II, segmentation and the daily anti-Semitic demonization for over sixty years. Despite these, Germans are doing okay today. Germans will survive being a colony of the Real Evil Empire too. So will the Japanese and the British. So will Canadians, Australians, the French and even Americans themselves. Hayek pointed towards eliminating government monopolies of banking and money. That doesn't mean the lawlessness that currently prevails in the financial system. Quite the opposite. Hayek pointed towards competing currencies. Canadian banks issued their own money until the Bank of Canada was given a monopoly in 1949. That happened after I was born. It is not ancient history. A new world will be invented. It will be better than the world we are leaving behind. Russians and Chinese paid the price for the Twentieth Century's misconduct. They paid magnitudes of order more than anyone else. Russians and Chinese survived too, despite their loses. We are all going to be okay. Have faith and work for good.

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