Monday, July 29, 2013

My Recovery

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by Morley Evans

Hi Ian,

I remember you worked out rigorously and were dedicated to fitness. Life can get in the way of fitness routines.

I am lucky that I can keep a schedule at the gym, but things do get in the way even for me. I started working out with physiotherapy when I was still taking Zocor®. I had no idea why I was in constant severe pain. Exercise did help. After a year at physiotherapy I was discharged and I started going every other day to the Court Club on Pasqua Street. That was in Feb 1998. I did my walk and stretch routine that I learned at physiotherapy as well as some isolation exercises on the machines. I was in so much pain I could hardly drive home afterward and I would be unable to move the next day. Then, I'd go back to the gym the following day. The exercise was helpful or I would not have done it. Scalding hot baths (110°F) are an analgesic. I had three a day. I did this until I went into a coma in June 2000 and I resumed this when I was able to move again two years after I was discharged from hospital. (No, my coma was not due to exercise, doc.) During those two years after hospitalization, I sat in a La-Z-Boy chair all day — That chair is where I had spent most of the previous eight years. I developed the habit of exercising and I have the luxury of being able to do it today. Gold's Gym leased the Court Club about five years ago. I started powerlifting in December last year (2012).

I have taken no medication since my first treatment by Dr. Cenaiko in May 1998, not even Aspirin. Of course, Dr. Annandale did prescribe Lipitor® which I took. I did smoke cigarettes before and throughout my illness and recovery. Thirty-six years of heavy smoking has left me with no ill effects which says a lot for what I am doing with nutrition and exercise, especially since I had severe chronic asthma from age four onward. Smoking probably is not the root of evil as doctors now say. (Doctors used to advertise the benefits of smoking. They were paid by tobacco companies and their advertising agencies.) This suggests that doctors don't know what they are talking about and what they say can be ignored as it is usually wrong and harmful. Doctors should be avoided. Very few of them are qualified to be your partner in health. Health is not their business and they know nothing about health. Your own doctor whom you know and trust is probably a hack like most of them. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD, suggests putting as much distance between yourself and doctors as you can get. Doctors are not all created equal — except by the authority of the governing bodies of the Church of Modern Medicine which say doctors are all god-like, except any doctor who deviates from whatever happens to be the orthodoxy of the moment. Oh, yes, my allergies have disappeared and so has my psoriasis and my prostate problems. All gone with all the problems caused by statin drugs and the morons who prescribe them. By by, doc.

My sister is not in good shape. She spends all of her time and energy working and dealing with very difficult people (many of whom are doctors and lawyers). She won't make the commitment it takes to get healthy. It takes time. I don't rely on "will power" or "positive attitude." I just put myself on autopilot and do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. That got me into trouble with Zocor®. Many people, I learned later, know the pain is caused by the statin drug they are taking because their doctors have told them, as the drug monographs tell them to do. Most people just quit taking statins. That has always been the Number One problem for the pharmaceutical companies. Patient noncompliance has cost Merck and Pfizer billions in lost revenues over the years. Dr. John N. Alport, MD, (may he be cursed) and Ast, the pharmacist, kept me taking statin drugs for years and never let on that they knew why I was in pain. I would be somewhat mollified if their heads were on a platter. But, looking at the reports of other statin drug victims, what was done to me is "standard medical practice." Doctors tell their patients they are not in pain. "It's all in your head." Or they give them drugs to relieve the pain. Dr. Alport and Ast did that. Dr. Annandale thought my complaints after he started me on Lipitor® were a big joke. Out of thirty doctors and therapists involved in my case, only Dr. Cenaiko agreed that Zocor® and Lipitor® had caused my problems. I spent ten years trying to get someone to listen. No one would listen. I conclude that Modern Medicine is to blame and that Modern Medicine has to be destroyed.

You will be in thrall of Modern Medicine now that you and your wife have a child. Caution and education are warranted. I can recommend Dr. Ray D. Strand, MD, and his book Death By Prescription as a primer to pharmaceutical medicine. The literature that contradicts the edicts of Modern Medicine is very large and it is easy to discover thanks to the Internet. Not all doctors are bad, but only a few won't cover up for the bad ones and all doctors will harm healthy people, so beware. Modern Medicine is a Secret Society. The secret is who comes first: you, the patient, or the doctor and his profession. You come last, dead last.

If someday I get married and have children I will be faced with a problem — yes, getting married and having children would be a miracle, but Tony Randall did it at 75 and had two sons by his second wife. Would I trust Modern Medicine with my wife and baby? Should anyone? My brother Bruce's wife, Denise, has had five babies. Modern Medicine only managed to kill the first one. Four are healthy young men. Four in five are very bad odds. They killed my mother through neglect, on purpose. They killed my father with their cancer treatment. They almost killed me after torturing me for eight years. Doctors lie, alter and destroy records and go scott free to kill again. Yet, most people have great faith in Modern Medicine, doctors and pharmaceutical companies, proving that brainwashing works and that most people who are exposed to Modern Medicine are thoroughly brainwashed. Hospitals are today's cathedrals. Churches are empty. Doctors are worshipped. Doctors live in mansions. Doctors have an attitude.They can go to Hell.

I have learned some things about good health and happiness. We must forgive those who harm us. Vengeance is Mine, saith the LORD. (That's why you are still walking around, doc.) That doesn't mean we should permit evil-doers to continue their crime spree. Mine has been a very long and expensive education — over sixty years including everything, longer and more expensive than any doctor has had. I'm very pleased you have a family of your own, Ian. I hope to meet your wife and baby one of these days.

Pain was only one of my problems:

- Morley 

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