Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ten Reasons

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by Morley Evans

Is "scientific" Modern Medicine a hoax? Yes it is. Like any group of people engaged in any activity, a few are very good and most are mediocre or terrible. The bell curve describes them accurately. A professional organization is supposed to maintain quality by getting rid of the worst ones. Unfortunately, all medical associations protect everyone who is a member. Only those who threaten the organization are removed. Most doctors are mediocre. Most doctors are not scientists. Most GPs learn how to tell a joke, come up with a diagnosis in 10 minutes, or less, and write a prescription. Writing prescriptions is what they do. Medical Doctors (MD) have the exclusive legal right to write prescriptions for pharmaceutical drugs. Medical Doctors should be called Pharmaceutical Doctors. Most doctors spend zero time studying the literature and keeping up with developments in medicine. Most doctors get their education from drug reps — they don't even read the product inserts that come with the drugs they prescribe. Most patients think their doctor knows things their doctor doesn't know. Doctors can bamboozle patients with medical jargon. Doctors have five names for everything. Every doctor has impressive-looking framed degrees hanging on his wall. He wears a white lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck. Doctors have lots of money and are members of society's √©lite. Doctors play the role that priests and bishops formerly played. Modern Medicine is a "scientific" religion. Jungle witch doctors are as scientific as most of them and can be as effective.

A few doctors do have inquiring minds. A few doctors are scientists. They are honest and they seek to find the Truth. Here's a scientist, Dr. Peter Duesberg, Ph.D:

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