Saturday, July 13, 2013

TVT Mesh

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by Morley Evans

In case you were thinking that the cases of medical abuse I've been highlighting on this Blog are rare — isolated to a few pockets of misconduct — think again. This is "Modern Medicine" in all its glory. Modern Medicine is the criminal enterprise of a secret society. Your family doctor is a member and he probably doesn't even know it.

The acid test is whether your doctor takes the side of his patients or does he take the side of his profession. Unless your doctor is exceptional, he will choose the money over you every time. Police departments call this the wall of silence. Corrupt practices occur behind the wall.

Here is a video created by David Sawyer, the husband of a woman who is suffering with something called TVT mesh that has been implanted inside her vagina. I had never heard of this before. Mr. Sawyer will speak for himself. He may look sleepy but he is wide awake. You had better wake up too. Honest doctors had better get as far away from the crooks who run Modern Medicine as they can get. Doctors had better wake up.

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