Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Are People Really That Stupid?

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by Morley Evans

June Gardner is an Australian. She was gutted by a hysterectomy she didn't need to treat cancer she didn't have that left her with severe chronic pain and acute medical problems. June has started a Facebook discussion group where victims of medical abuse can share their stories.

Here is June's comment about Dr. Harold Shipman, MD, the medical establishment that protected him and the patients he didn't get around to killing by the time he was arrested who still thought he was a wonderful doctor even after Dr. Shipman had been convicted of murdering his patients. You will notice in the news reports that "Dr." has been omitted from Dr. Shipmans' name many times so as not to tarnish the esteemed profession of which he was a member.

Like all victims of medical abuse, who are still alive, June is a voice wailing in the wilderness. People simply do not want to know about problems with medicine. They would prefer it if June would just shut up. Like it or not, however, everyone should be aware that psychopaths are attracted by money and power to places where they can kill and torture people with complete safety to themselves. Medicine provides those three basic requirements: money, power, safety. Is Dr. Harold Shipman, MD, the tip of the iceberg? There is no way to know the answer definitively since mum's the word in the wonderful world of medicine where everyone covers up wrongdoing and looks the other way when they see something amiss — but there are mountains of evidence of wrongdoings that people pretend do not exist. Why do they do that? Are people really that stupid?

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Kay said...

Yes, people really are that stupid. We are taught from day one to respect doctors and believe they can do no wrong; that is, UNTIL something happens to you or you choose to believe a first hand account of what happened to someone else.