Saturday, July 20, 2013


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by Morley Evans

Why didn't victims of medical abuse know about Modern Medicine before they got into trouble?

Hindsight is 20/20. We victims didn't know what we know now about "healthcare" AKA "Modern Medicine" because if we had not had a problem, we would not have looked for a solution.

"People will only believe this after it has happened to them," Dr. Michael Hardy has said about my case. Most people who have never experienced something themselves cannot conceive it: They dismiss it when it happens to someone else. Most people cannot grasp abstract concepts; they are incapable of empathy. Most people who have never had a problem with a doctor think the medical system is what it claims it is. Most people whose lives were saved by a doctor think that doctor is a miracle worker. Most people whose relative died think, "They did everything they could." A few people whose relative has died due to "medical error" think the system can be reformed. Good luck to them.

A few people, not all, who were harmed themselves know that the system needs to be destroyed because it cannot be reformed. That's what I think. Doctors and their institutions had their chances, over and over, for decades. We would be better off if most of the medical system were gone: doctors, hospitals, clinics, research labs, the FDA, the CDC, the NIH and all pharmaceutical companies. Gone. The propaganda industry can go to Hell too along with the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons and the lawyers and legislatures who protect crooks.

In western countries, our grandparents were healthier than we are. I know. I have looked at the statistics here and elsewhere, cohort by cohort, since records began being kept over one hundred years ago. Today's people are slaves of the medical system that has grown like a cancer in the last sixty years. Modern Medicine is a racket run by racketeers. Modern Medicine is a fraternal twin of the "Defense Industry" which neither defends us nor makes us safe. Don't Third World countries need Modern Medicine? One west African human rights activist has said, "Africans have lived in Africa for millions of years without the white man's help." They have. African misery came with colonization by the white man.

Should we throw out the baby with the bathwater? If it is a baby rattlesnake, yes we should. What should we do? We need to adopt habits that lead to good health. We won't be throwing anything away. We would simply never go the doctor anymore or give him a second thought. Most of the diseases we have would disappear. People need to discover what these solutions are. Fortunately, they are well known. One practitioner said recently, "We are curing cancer by removing the things that cause cancer. Terminal patients are healthy twenty years after they were told they were going to die by people who 'did everything they could'."

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