Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Stake in Cholesterol

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by Morley Evans

Something to think about:

"Elevated cholesterol" is pharmaceutical company Bull Shit. Since you are a mammal, cholesterol is one of your body's most important parts. Selling cholesterol-lowering drugs is the pharmaceutical industry's biggest money-maker. There is NO evidence linking either saturated fat or cholesterol — they are not the same thing — with coronary heart disease or any other disease, yet "health experts" have accepted the lies they have been told over and over and they continue to spread them. The cholesterol hoax should be sharpened into a stake to drive through the heart of the pharmaceutical industry while it slumbers some afternoon in its crypt somewhere in New York City or Washington. 

People probably believe that the pharmaceutical industry is a great benefit to humanity. They should consider its roots go all the way back to Alexander Flemming who gave them Penicillin way back in 1945 and that the pharmaceutical industry grew hand-in-hand with Washington's empire after The Great Victory of '45 which is eulogized by some as The Good War to compliment The Great Victory of '18 known as The Great War, I suppose.

Give it some thought.

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