Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Jig Is Up

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by Morley Evans

CRIME DOES NOT PAY. The chickens have come home to roost. The end of Washington's empire is at hand. Sell dollars. Buy gold. Get Bitcoin.

Those who are ignorant of the true history of the United States will not understand this. They will think that Putin, or Gaddafi, or Saddam, or Arafat, or Khrushchev, or Mao, or Castro, or Kim Il Sung, or Ho Chi Minh, or Sukarno, or Stalin, or Tojo, or Mussolini, or Hirohito, or Hitler, or Lenin, or the Kaiser, or Sitting Bull, or Geronimo, or Robert E. Lee, or Queen Victoria, or Santa Anna, or Tecumseh, or the Barbary Pirates, or George III, or some other never-ending list of evil-doers are or were to blame for all the world's problems. The indoctrinated will think that the United States has been saving the world at great cost to itself. "Did you kill anyone?" "Yes, but they were all bad." People need to take a look at the historical record and change their minds. They could start their education with Bill Blum (Freeing the World to Death) to get a leftist slant. Or they could get the same message from Paul Craig Roberts (WSJ) with a slant from the right.

When all the bad people are gone and the last man standing is causing the same problems you will know who was to blame all along. You will see the monster who has been hiding in our midst. He's the one who is speaking softly and carrying a big stick.

Washington is a past master at churning up trouble. Washington loves to turn one group against another. People always have different ideas. They must be taught tolerance. They must learn to live and let live. Differences can be exploited by those who know how. Washington is really good at it.

Iraq is an excellent example. Shia and Sunni Muslims lived together peacefully for over 600 years when Iraq was part of the Ottoman Empire (which never included Persia — but they were not at war with Persia either). Jews, Christians, and other minorities lived with the Muslims. They coexisted. They inter-married. They protected each other. They fought well to defend their homeland in WW I. They knew what defeat would mean. Arabs in the Levant were suckered by Lawrence and General Allenby, the British commander in Egypt. They were promised "freedom," an American come-on. Trouble started when the British carved up the Ottoman Empire in 1918, but things were positively bucolic compared to what Washington has created since Bush the Elder was the President (1989-93). Iraq is a slaughterhouse today. No one's life is safe in Iraq. Iraq used to be the third largest oil producer and exporter after Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iraq no longer makes the list. Iraq was secular, prosperous and peaceful. Iraq has been destroyed. That was the objective of the exercise: "Mission Accomplished." Washington destroyed Libya and it is trying to destroy Syria. It matters not to Washington that the regimes were and are supported by large majorities. Hamas was elected by 90% of the people of Gaza but that didn't matter. Washington decided that Gazans should starve. The list of outrages Washington has committed is very long. It spans the globe and the centuries.

Washington is pursuing this policy today in the Ukraine and blaming Russia for what Washington is doing. Washington has spent 5 billion dollars funding subversive groups in Ukraine. Washington sponsored the "Yellow Revolution" there before the current brown-shirt coup d'état ousted the democratically elected government of Ukraine. Washington wants to make Ukraine and Georgia full members of NATO so it can move its nukes and ABMs ever-closer to Moscow. All of the former Warsaw Pact members have become NATO members violating agreements made with Gorbachev. Washington is driven to rule the world. A count-down to doom for the world or Washington's empire has begun.

PCR said today that he thinks a run on the US dollar could occur within a year. The US dollar has been the world reserve currency since 1945. Countries, central banks and corporations have mountains of dollars. The evil Washington has sown will yield a bitter harvest. "Quantitative Easing" (printing trillions of new dollars) and provoking Russia and Europe are driving the last nails into the empire's coffin. When a run on the dollar begins, it will become an avalanche that will wipe out Washington and its empire. "The most powerful military the world has ever known" will not be able to save the empire. Americans will need to find a new identity and start to make friends. The Ugly American will be despised. Let's hope the people responsible for Washington's record will get their comeuppance. Most Americans are innocent. Those "inside the beltway" are guilty. Justice requires them to be pauperized at the very least.

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