Wednesday, March 4, 2015

BiBi's big speech

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by Morley Evans

On March 3, 2015 Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, gave his third address to the combined members of the United States Congress. Netanyahu emphasized Israel's undying gratitude for the unwavering support Israel has received "from both sides of the isle" since 1948 when Harry Truman was the President.

As they did throughout Netanyahu's previous addresses to Congress, the members of "the most important legislative assembly on earth" gave standing ovations to every utterance Netanyahu made — making it clear who the trained seals of Congress think is the most important person on earth.

You can watch Netanyahu's entire performance here (with a full transcript):

The number of those who are not afraid to touch the third rail of American politics is increasing. They know the truth. They know what Israel has done and they are not afraid to speak anymore.

Here is Philip Weiss:

Norman Finkelstein’s mother, who survived the Nazi concentration camps, told him [Norman] that the lesson of the Holocaust was that this should happen to no people. Her experience was a human experience, and its lessons must be extended to all humans. And today there is only one test of Jewish social and political values: Where do you stand on Palestinian human rights? The Palestinians are the people whom our collective helped to dispossess, slaughter and put behind checkpoints out of an inevitable but in the end self-involved concern with our own history. We victimized them because of our own victimization, and the test of our future is when we come to recognize this responsibility and how we act on it. Many Jews will rise to that challenge. Just wait and see. - See more at:

People who think the Holocaust gives them the right to think and act like Nazis did not learn the lesson of the Holocaust. Turning the tables, some Jews say the Nazis learned their lessons from Zionists.


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