Sunday, March 22, 2015


by Morley Evans

Morons in Washington and their stooges who rule Washington's puppet allies (like Stephen Harper the Prime Minister of Canada) are leading us into WW III. The morons have taken over the asylum. They think they can survive nuclear annihilation. Not only do they not care about us. They think they would be better off without us. "Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven," is their motto. They serve Satan. Remember the "mineshaft gap" in Doctor Strangelove? They are the enemy. These morons are our enemy. They are everyone's mortal enemy.

Morons have successfully been using war for centuries to stay on top and now that their end is nigh, they want to use it again. You had better wake up, Pilgrim.

More and more people are recognizing this reality. They are speaking out. Here's Professor Stephen Cohen:

Everyone wanted to avoid annihilation during the Cold War. Everyone was afraid of annihilation during the Cold War. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 that has changed — in Washington. The morons think they won the Cold War. They think Russia is like Germany and Japan after WW II. They were prostrate after we had bombed them into the Stone Age. The morons don't know that our own propaganda is bullshit. 

Washington's morons remember the American Golden Age of the 1950s. That was when the United States was at its peak: USAF General Curtis LeMay presided over the Strategic Air Command which he had designed. The United States was a military colossus standing over a world that had been reduced to rubble by the RAF and the USAAF while the United States was untouched. American industry dominated the world. Admiral Rickover had invented nuclear power. The US Dollar had replaced the Pound Sterling as the world's reserve currency. The United States had replaced the British Empire as the world hegemon. The Soviet Union was "the best enemy that money can buy." It has been a long slow slide since then. The Great Victory of '45 was the last victory.

Washington's morons are dangerous. You should be afraid — of them — but not of Washington's endless list of bogymen, who all work for Washington whether they know it or not.  Even Castro, Ho Chi Minh and Hitler were working for Washington along with Samosa and Mobutu.

Of course if you remain asleep, you will never know when your end comes. That's why they have you all taking drugs and why your brains are being washed day and night by the TV sets whose lies are largely funded by Big Pharma.

You had better wake up, Pilgrim.


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