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by Morley Evans

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

Solving problems and fighting evil requires understanding Cause and Effect. It's amazing how few understand something so simple. Pharmaceutical medicine treats symptoms without knowing causes, for one example. 

Creation is set up as a dog-eat-dog system. The large and powerful eat the small and weak. Lions eat wildebeest. Wildebeest eat grass. Males compete against males to breed females. Read Darryl Van Home's "It's a Terrible Creation" sermon delivered to the Unitarian congregation in John Updike's novel The Witches of Eastwick.

What Darryl tells the congregation is true. But this may not be what God created but what Satan created. The Bible tells us that God gave Man a set of rules (Ten Commandments). They contradict the way Creation operates. We should pound our swords into ploughshares. The Bible tells us that the lion will lie down with the lamb and that Man shall be the steward of Creation. 

Man shall not rape the earth and desecrate Creation. Man shall not defraud and murder his fellow man. You can look it up. This is not difficult. Anyone can understand this.

Back to our main theme: Cause and Effect. The main reason people fail to solve problems is they fail to accurately identify Cause. Canadians, as a group, fail to believe there is Cause. Worse yet, Canadian smugness prevents Canadians from believing they could possibly be responsible for anything bad that happens. 

Canadian doctors do no harm, most Canadians believe. When bad things happen (if they are recognized as having happened at all) it must have been God's fault as in "It was an Act of God." For the secularly-minded these events become "idiosyncratic reactions" which happen so rarely they can be summarily dismissed as having never occurred at all and, of course, no one is responsible. 

Canadians can't smell a dead skunk rotting under their noses. When the CBC or MacLeans Magazine tells them the stinking carcass is filet mignon, Canadians believe it. American libraries are packed with books condemning evil done by Americans. Canadian libraries contain some of those American books but nothing cataloguing Canadian evil. "We are Canajun. We are pure and proudly Canajun."

Last Sunday at St. Matthew's Anglican Church, the congregation was invited to contribute to a project to assist some refugees in Turkey. I was not surprised to learn that this family was fleeing from ISIS/ISIL/IS in Syria. I know something about this.

The Cause of this current refugee disaster is Washington. Millions of people have swamped Europe to escape ISIS/ISIL/IS, al-Nusra (which is al Qaeda in Syria), the "Free Syrian Army" and other terrorist groups.  These groups are trained, funded and supplied by Washington, Israel and Washington's stooges in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and various Gulf emirates. 

Canada is one of Washington's stooges. Canada is complicit in the destruction of seven countries and the murder of millions of innocent people since 9/11/01. Canada is complicit in the on-going genocide in Palestine where Israelis murder defenseless people for sport. You didn't know that, did you? It's been going on for decades. You must be instructed by the "main stream media" if you don't know.

So the Diocese of Qu'Appelle of the Anglican Church of Canada is going to help a refugee family? Whoopdedoo. I think I'll continue to strike the root with some of my friends.

Here's something you should know about:

Remembrance Day is coming.  This event was quickly turned into a celebration of war, even before the Korean War broke out in 1950.  You should know about this: The Unknown War. 

Winston Churchill was a War Criminal? Our hero? Surely not!

FDR and Harry Truman were war criminals too. While Germany had an excellent air defence system, Japan was defenseless. Yet the U.S. Army Air Force flattened every Japanese city and town. The USAF repeated this in North Korea by razing everything to the ground. Then they did the same thing to Vietnam.

North Koreans remember what was done to them. They see the ongoing "war games" conducted by American and South Korean forces as an existential threat. Who can blame them? We are told to fear the North Korean nuclear arms program. The United States has been aiming its land, sea, and air, nuclear weapons at North Korea (and everyone else) since 1945 and they have used them.

What should we do? It's so complicated, you think. No, it is very simple. We must pound our swords into ploughshares and make friends with our "enemies." Warmongers must be sent packing or put in jail. 

Remembrance Day is a day for remembering, learning, and thinking. Try thinking.

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Blue-eyed vs Brown-eyed People

NOTE: Doctors' incomes (medical doctors) have been protected in Canada since 1867 when the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) was created by a handful of doctors in Montréal. The CMA is like a trade union for doctors. From its inception, the CMA aggressively "organized" doctors driving out of business any doctors who would not join and demonizing any treatment modalities the CMA did not endorse, such as chiropractic, naturopathic and homeopathy.  The CMA embraced pharmaceutical drugs and Freudian psychotherapy. Since 1901 when the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) was created by the CMA, doctors have been exempt from criminal liability laws that regulate the behavior of everyone else. 

People can be taught to believe they are "special" in a few minutes and then turned upon "outsiders." This is 2015. No one alive has ever known anything different in Canada. Is it any wonder that Canadian doctors, and many who aspire to join their coterie, believe they are different from ordinary people? They are unique in the world. What these organizations have done is unique in history. In Canada, pharmaceutical companies are better protected than the Mafia — which is protected. This is the root of the medical crisis in Canada today where doctors come first and patients come last in the long list of people who are employed in the Canadian medical system. Patients don't have a union. Doctors, nurses and janitors do.


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