Saturday, November 21, 2015


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by Morley Evans

a pill for everything

Modern Medicine began with Penicillin in 1942. Today's trillion dollar, world-wide industry began then — Modern Medicine is a very recent creation. Doctors (medical doctors) have been around for millennia. The pharaoh (3050 BC) had doctors. What we have today has not been around very long and it is about to disappear.

The current medical paradigm is about to collapse due to it's unmitigated rottenness.

Along with it will go the arrogant bastards who currently practice medicine and the pharmaceutical giants who currently determine what medicine is and what doctors do. 

The most important thing anyone can know is this: doctors don't know nearly as much as they think they know. Here's what Dr. Al Sears, MD, says about Modern Medicine:


Before the invention of penicillin, there was no Big Pharma to speak of. Hundreds of small mom-and-pop companies existed and competed for market share.

But during World War II, government researchers found a way to produce large quantities of penicillin. This was the final breakthrough.

Uncle Sam, interested in using the new drug to save our wounded soldiers, selected 20 firms to bring it to market. These firms were nothing special. They had no special labs or technologies. They funded none of the research. But they did have ONE big thing: Political connections.

This was the first marriage of Big Pharma and Big Brother. The same marriage that exists today. One that allows the drug industry to run wild at the expense of your health. It's their "license to kill."

And it's this marriage that handed them a decisive advantage once the war was over. When penicillin went public, the drug companies threw public interest under the bus and started raking in the real profits.

These firms developed slight variations of the original penicillin and patented their versions. And this led to competing forms of antibiotics, many of which were priced so high, the average American couldn't afford them.

That's how these same 20 firms dominated 80% of the pharmaceutical industry's sales – with antibiotics supplying the bulk of their revenue. Their disadvantaged competitors rapidly died out. And they've maintained their stranglehold on power ever since.


"Doctors bury their mistakes." That means you, dear patient. So, be very careful. You cannot rely on a doctor to cure your ills. Educate yourself. Strive to be healthy. No doctor is — nor can be — your partner in health. Not only does your doctor know nothing about health, your doctor makes money when you are sick. If you are not sick you will be sick once your doctor gets his hooks into you. I know. Beware.

There is a bright side in this very dark story. I can truthfully say that all of my medical problems were caused by doctors, with three exceptions*, including my birth in 1947. On other occasions, doctors saved me from what other doctors had done to me. I have been lucky. Pray to God that you will be lucky too.

A few doctors are enlightened — probably not the doctor you have. Find one you can trust. I have no idea how you can find a doctor who won't harm you. You are alone walking through a minefield. That's the truth. All doctors share the same brand; they are not all the same, but the good ones cover up for the bad ones. More than a few doctors are quacks who are only in it for the money. Beware. I know what I'm talking about, so listen up, Pilgrim.

The Church of Modern Medicine

* doctors who saved me from something that was NOT caused by other doctors:

Dr. Cowan 1947 breach birth (Mother was eclaptic so he saved me, my mother and my twin sister. Years later, he died in an apartment fire.)

Dr. MacKenzie 1951 saved me from anaphylaxis (He was driven out of Regina in a power-play by other doctors. He moved his medical practice to Medicine Hat, Alberta.)

Dr. Reich 1975 cured extreme exhaustion and asthma with Vitamins (He was driven out of medicine by other doctors in Calgary, Alberta. They thought Vitamins are heretical.)

Modern Medicine is not driven by science and compassion. Modern Medicine is organized crime — primarily driven by pride and greed. 

Dead men don't talk. Nor can they talk who have been silenced by ears that will not hear and eyes that will not see. We the victims of Modern Medicine may as well be dead. We are the living dead walking and talking among the brain dead.


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