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Hi Paul,

A). Wikipedia says:

"The iconic twin towers of downtown Manhattan's World Trade Center were a triumph of human imagination and will. Completed in 1973, the towers stood at 110 stories each, accommodating 50,000 workers and 200,000 daily visitors in 10 million square feet of space."

About 3,000 were killed and another 6,000 were injured according to the official story.

What happened to the others?? No one has accounted for them. Isn’t that odd?

September 11, 2001 was a TUESDAY. It was a regular work day in a regular work week.

B). If one fired an aluminum Coke can at a steel safe door that is 6” thick at 500 miles per hour do you think it would pass through like a hot knife through butter? What would happen if it were fired at 1,000 miles an hour? What would happen if it were filled with jet fuel? Would it matter if one used Diet Coke instead of regular Coke? What if the steel safe door were only 1” thick? Would it matter if it was Pepsi or Orange Crush? How about 7Up?

C). If the 110-storey towers fell to earth, where was the rubble? THERE WAS NO RUBBLE. Did millions not watch the towers turn into dust and blow away? I did. That’s what I saw. So did you.

D). The Bank of Nova Scotia had all of its gold stored in a vault under one of the WTC towers. If the towers disappeared underground in a molten mass which somehow evaporated into nothing, why is the Bank of Nova Scotia still in business? 

Has anything like this ever happened in the history of the earth? The Universe?

I could go on for hours but that’s enough for this year’s 9/11 Anniversary. I don’t believe one word they say about anything. Neither should anyone. THEY LIE.

- Morley

My own theory about what happened on 9/11/2001 is this: Four airliners were hijacked from the ground shortly after takeoff. They were flown over the Atlantic and detonated. There were no planes slicing through WTC 1 & 2. There were no Arab high-jackers. What millions watched over and over and over on TV news programs were enactments, planted explosions and crude animations, each lasting a few seconds. The destruction of the World Trade Center was accomplished with a new technology that turned millions of tons of concrete and steel into micro-dust particles that blew away on the breezes that day. Millions saw that. They were told what was happening. “Don’t believe your eyes, believe me,” said the newsreaders. The Pentagon was damaged by a conventional explosive. The plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was a bomb dropped by an airforce jet. NORAD didn’t warn the USAF of the planes because there were no planes. Supposedly 3000 people were killed at the WTC. What happened to the tens of thousands who were working there that day? Along with hundreds of cars that were “toasted" on the FDR freeway, police cars were “toasted” too. What happened to the policemen who were driving them? The NYPD knows who they were. Did these policemen go for coffee and donuts in the Twilight Zone? Where are the drivers of the other cars? Conventional explosives and thermite did not turn Towers 1 & 2 and Building 7 into micro-dust. Something else did that. The perps know what it was. A-rabs in the caves of Tora Bora didn’t do this unless they had found Aladdin’s lamp. Maybe they did. What do you think? The entire crime scene was destroyed before an investigation was even begun. New Yorkers like to keep things neat and tidy. Larry Silverstein collected insurance double on the entire World Trade Center complex. Larry was saved the cost of demolition and removal that he faced because asbestos had been used throughout the complex and it did not meet current federal regulations. Moreover the vacancy rate was growing which is why the Port Authority sold the WCT in the first place. Lucky Larry! He did all right. Did you know that George W. Bush's brother owned the company that was in charge of WTC security? George W. Bush and his "War Cabinet" used 9/11 to launch the "War on Terror" which involves the destruction of the American democracy and an unending war on the human race. Since 9/11/2001, the United States has destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Pakistan. The United States has killed and displaced millions. Washington's leaders wonder, "Why do they hate us?" Are they stupid? Now they are picking a fight with super powers Russia and China. Are they stupid?

A Few of the Toasted Cars 9/11/2001

Where are the cops?

Where are the drivers?

Why were the adjacent cars not immolated? Did heat immolate this car?

Is this fire? It looks like fire. Why isn't the paper burning?
From where did the paper come? The WTC!

Why are the flags untouched? What made the holes?

The WTC 1 & 2 Towers and Building 7 were turned to dust. That is the truth. That is the most significant fact which everyone in the 9/11 Truth movement wants to ignore and deny. The series of photos below show a tower of steel that turns to dust. This tower of steel was part of one of the huge internal columns that contained the elevators in WTC 1 & 2. The rest of the WTC Tower that contained this column has already been turned into dust and is gone. These buildings did not "collapse." They did not fall down:

For several days after 9/11/2001, the Internet was filled with photos and videos that clearly illustrated what had happened. Most of that evidence has been removed for "copyright infringement" reasons. Here you can see with your own eyes that steel was turned to dust and that the WTC Towers ARE NOT THERE — only blue sky. What TV news commentators said was "smoke" was dust — the fine dust that blanketed lower Manhattan and New Jersey was made up of millions of tons of concrete and steel and tens of thousands of people.

The upper floors that appear ready to fall to the ground in one piece never made it to the ground. The billowing clouds of smoke in the picture above and below are clouds of dust as fine as talcum powder.

WTC 7 standing amidst the clouds of dust that had once been WTC 1 & 2. Boats traveling up the Hudson River are in the upper right corner of this photo.

People ran in panic from the clouds of dust. They did not know what it was. Nothing like this has ever happened before. The "undustified" pieces floating away from the dust clouds are aluminum panels that clad the exteriors of WTC 1 & 2. Aluminum, like paper, was not affected by the process. Steel, concrete and people were. If one watches the disintegration of the towers one can see large pieces of the buildings turning to dust before they hit the ground. WATCH. You will see what happened.


GR I-BOOK No.  7 
The September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks 
9/11 Truth: Revealing the Lies,  Commemorating the 9/11 Tragedy
Michel Chossudovsky (Editor)
August 2012


Where Did The Towers Go?
Dr. Judy Wood, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Wood's website has been severely damaged but you can read her book. She knows what happened. She speculates how it was done and leaves to others who did it. Dr. Wood was marginalized the first day. She was not silenced. A U.S. judge asked her if she really wanted to sign her own death warrant. Read her book. You deserve to know the truth.


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